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Facilities Dept. deserves thanks

Published: September 21, 2007
Section: Opinions

I owe part of my soul, and definitely my sanity, to the Facilities Department. On more than one occasion – try twenty-three times just last year – they have gotten me out of a bind with my room (it was in such bad condition my roommate and I started keeping a running tab on all the work orders we had to place just to function).

When my castle suite door jammed shut at 2 a.m. with my roommates and I locked in, they were there to pry it open and fix the lock. When our toilet started lifting
up off the bathroom floor from all the pressure, and water started spewing everywhere (I know, gross right?) they were there to tighten the bolts. When our sink reeked because it wasnt draining properly, they were there to unclog it. Most recently, when my entire window shade fell off in Grad at the beginning of the semester, giving me virtually no privacy minus the makeshift towel in the windowthey replaced it. Anytime I needed something, Facilities has done an amazing job at making sure I got help.

Basically the only reason I can cope with the nightmare that is Brandeis housing is because of Facilities. I owe them a great deal of gratitude, as does the greater student body and administration.

If there is any one group on campus, aside from the students who live there, that have to deal directly with our current housing situationas in the quality of the roomsits the Facilities staff. Theyre the ones that take care of the myriad of student grievances about housing and answer all the work orders placed. While Brandeis drives their older housing into the ground, its Facilities that is stuck trying to patch up buildings that just need to be gutted, to make them livable for current students. The Facilities Department does a solid job of fixing up the rooms;

however, the university should pay more attention to housing because it shouldnt fall solely onto them to placate angry students and parents.

While midyears are enjoying their newly renovated buildings (which are awesome. I was lucky to live in one for a semester) and those with good lottery numbers The Village, the rest of us are stuck in Grad, the Mods, and even the Castle. And I love living in Grad. I really do, but it wouldnt be manageable without the help of Facilities. So, thank you! I dont know what I would do if you werent an email away.