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Good Old Brandeis

Published: October 1, 2007
Section: Opinions

If youre at all like me, then youve probably been discouraged by the lack of astounding parties offered here at good old Brandeis. Youve probably found yourself muttering phrases like Why do I even bother going out here anymore? and My little brothers middle school throws better parties than this place. The lack of quality night life has probably even caused you to disregard the fact that picking your nose in front of your classmates and wearing the same tie-dye t-shirt everyday to class is unacceptable. On the surface, while these negative notions do appear to be valid thoughts and opinions to express, is the answer really to concede to the fact that there is a shortage of fun-happenings around campus and to throw on a bright yellow backpack with an abundance of animal key chains attached to the pockets? While this might be the route that many of you choose, I feel as though it is vital for your personal well-being to come to the realization that you need to accept and welcome the opportunities that you are presented with and that there is, in fact, a lot of fun to be had both on and off of Brandeis campus.

For starters, when you decided to enroll in this prestigious University, Im sure you werent expecting to be rubbing elbows with Paris Hilton or to be taking shots of Jack Daniels with Charlie Sheen. However, you also didnt expect to be spending your Saturday nights attending lame parties in Ziv and the Mods either. This is why you should search for parties that have themes, such as military bros and army hos. You would be shocked at how much fun you can have by dressing up like G.I. Joe for an evening. Of course, if you do in fact decide to go down this path, it is essential that you are capable of embracing the numerous derogatory comments that your friends and other people whom you have never met but are adamant in expressing their feelings about you will shout your way.

Another way to spruce up your Brandeis night life is by driving over to campus and roaming through the freshmen dorms. An activity that can be fun for just about everyone is pretending that you are a CA and confiscating all of the alcoholic libations that you find on the premise. This is also a great way to save money.

For all of you ladies out there who are actually taking the time to read this article and are interested in enhancing your Brandeis experience, I encourage you to find out what the guys at 123 Felton Street are doing during those nights when it seems like there is nothing to do because not only are they an extremely attractive group of guys, but they also have a profusion of fun activities for you to enjoy.

I strongly urge you to make sure that whenever an opportunity arises that seems like it has the potential of being interesting and pleasurable, to give it a chance and to go out and enjoy yourselves. Heck, you only go to college once and if you have a positive attitude, there are a lot of memorable nights ahead of you, I promise.

These are just some of my suggestions for assisting you in your quest to enjoy Brandeis to the fullest. There are a lot of fun activities out there for you to experiment with and I implore you to utilize the assets that you are provided with by the Brandeis staff. If you have any interest in hearing some of my other ideas, feel free to come speak with me on campus. Ill be the guy in the tie-dye t-shirt and bright yellow backpack. I will probably be picking my nose