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Strange but True

Published: October 1, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

China bans sexual content from broadcasts
According to new mandates from the communist Chinese Government, companies may no longer air ads for certain types of bras, underwear and sexual enhancement medications because they create too much “social pollution.” The government has already banned ads for “enhancement” devices with no scientific claim to effectiveness, various forms of suggestive behavior, pornographic broadcasts and shows in which the characters talk too much about sex. Recently, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, (SARFT) banned eleven radio shows from the air for containing too much sexual content. Good thing Howard Stern is on satellite.

Malaysia to end poor condition of latrines
According to officials of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, toilets are so run down, dirty and unsanitary in tourist locations that the number of visitors has decreased. As a result, “toilet squads” are being set up, composed of squads of people whose sole job is to monitor and report on the condition of the toilets in such locations. Clean, functional toilets will be given good grades while others will be given warnings. The government has stated that commercial establishments that do not maintain their toilets to the new standards may not be able to renew their business licenses. If only such a squad existed for East.

Radical new stop signs implemented in rural town
When locals realized that the stop signs in their town of Oak Hill, IL, were not very effective, they added a twist to the standard octagon, red background, and large-print STOP. The new edition involves additional words taking off of common expressions, with new stops signs that say “Stop…in the naaame of love,” “Stop…right there pilgrim,” “whoaaaaaa,” and “Stop…and smell the roses.” Town officials hope creative, unexpected signs will convince motorists to come to a complete halt at intersections.