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Assault on Goldman is petty and unethical

Published: October 5, 2007
Section: Opinions

I wish to respond to much of the criticism that has been launched at one of my dear friends, Secretary Michael Goldman. People keep saying that he acted wholly unprofessionally by leaking election tallies and giving people an unfair advantage. This is a complete and egregious muddling of events. Mike may have said that a candidate was doing well and may have given vote tallies, but this means nothing. Just because he told someone that they were 12 votes behind doesnt mean they will magically get 12 votes. In fact, the person lost. Simply stating that a candidate is doing well doesnt favor them in any way during their campaign. In fact, cockiness may be detrimental. Horrible smear tactics have been launched at Goldman, and we must remember the pettiness of the events.

I would also like to express my outrage at the Student Union and the actions that have been taken against Mr. Goldman. These initiatives are wholly political, and their senseless, vicious mudslinging is ridiculous. It wasnt enough to subject Mr. Goldman to seven hours of attacks during an executive session. Now the perpetrators are completely abusing the Union Judiciary to continue their abusive assaults on Mr. Goldman. Thankfully, Mike is a gentleman and has taken this horrific action professionally. Unethical, anonymous senators have already disclosed the happenings of the Executive Session on Goldmans censure. I therefore feel comfortable to relate that his conduct during the executive session was calm and collected as he deeply articulated his fondness of his office against some malicious senators. Mike did not falter, did not waver, but stated his apologies and reaffirmed the passion he has for his office. I applaud Mr. Goldman for his response and rebuke the actions of the attackers who mostly hide behind the veil of anonymity.

I am ashamed of being part of a Student Union that has some members, who, like sharks, attack an innocent victim. I am horrified that the Unions attempt to bring unity is to separate us on this menial issue. Still, I am proud of my friends resolve and character as he is subjected to this ridiculous and horrific assault.