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Reputed filmmakers visit Brandeis

Published: October 5, 2007
Section: News

Oct. 22 and 23, filmmakers Werner Herzog and Errol Morris will appear at Brandeis. Herzog will screen his newest film, Encounters at the End of the World, about Anarcticas inhabitants, Oct. 22. The two filmmakers will discuss the documentaries and filmmaking in general the following day. Errol Morris visited campus last semester to screen his film SOP: Standard Operating Procedure. Morris received an Oscar in 2004 for his film The Fog of War.

The event was organized by Prof. Alice Kelikian, chair of the film studies program. I have known Errol for about 20 and Werner by way of email for about one, Kelikian wrote in an email, when I finally met him Milan last June, I thought a public pairing of the two would be too cool for school.

According to Kelikian, Errol and Werner have been friends for 30 years. As such, she said, It will be exciting to hear these two remarkable filmmakers, the most innovative and, dare I say, magical documentarians of our time chat about cinema and themselves.

Kelikian is excited for the opportunity Herzogs visit presents. I should think many students at Brandeis know Werner's work thanks to [the film] Grizzly Man, but I expect his visit will engage them in his larger body of work, which predates his documentaries, she said.

Students are equally pleased. Make no mistake about it, this is a huge deal. One hundred years from now, people will still be talking about the completely unique films of Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, film studies student Scott Feinberg 08 said in an email.

Amy Hoffmann 10 said of Herzog, Hes a really good documentary filmmaker. Anyone interested in documentaries should definitely see his films.

I am ridiculously excited, said Molly Jane Rosen 08, his documentaries are awesome. She added, He is literally my favorite directorhe is a really cool person.

Feinberg believed the filmmakers visit will have a positive effect on the film studies department. He said, To have both agree to participate in an event at Brandeis is a major coup for Prof. Kelikian and the University. Between this event, the SunDeis Film Festival, and our increasingly impressive film course offerings, Brandeis is generating national attention and rapidly earning a spot on the map of hot destinations for the serious study of film.