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Volleyball begins march through UAA season

Published: October 5, 2007
Section: Sports

The Volleyball team traveled the Big Apple this past weekend to compete against UAA rival schools New York University, Emory and the University of Rochester. This was the first time that the Judges had competed against a UAA team all season and they had mixed results. On the first day of competition, the team lost all three games against the Emory Eagles, who are currently ranked 4th in the country.

The Judges had better luck on the second day, as they were able to win three of four games against the University of Rochester. However, the Judges were not able to continue their streak, and later that day the team fell to New York University in a close two to three match.

On the first day of competition, the Judges matched up against top-ranked Emory. The team was unable to win any rounds, coming the closest to victory in their first game, with a score of 30-20. Certain Judges, however, stood out for their performance against Emory. Abby Blasco 11 put on an all around good exhibition, earning two kills among other statistics. Lorraine Wingenbach 09 was also on top, earning nine kills.

The Judges fell in the first game against Rochester, but were able to win the remaing three games to take the match. Wingenbach was again able to stand out, with 15 kills. Elisabeth Villalino 11 was able to add 12 kills. Pierra Carfagno also contributed to the team by earning six kills throughout the game.

That same day, the Judges competed against the hosts of the tournament, the New York University Violets. After five games, the Judges fell to the Violets. These matches were relatively close, and the last game was decided by four points.

Certain memebrs of the team stood out during the competition against NYU. Wingenbach was able to score 21 kills, putting her at the top of the Brandeis squad. Villalino was once again able to stand out for her double digit kill record of 17, putting her second for the competition among the Judges.

The team had various remarks about its recent performance. Bridget McCallister 10 was excited about playing against such tough competition.

The UAA, explained McCallister is one of the hardest leagues in the nation and it is really great compeition.

She went on to state that it was great to defeat the University of Rochester.

Beating Rochester was good commented McCallister after losing to them last year in a heart-breaking five-game match. Mcalsiter went on to state that the season is still early and we will have another chance to play [the teams] at the UAA championships.

The team goes on to play in the Midcoast Classic this weekend before returning home to face Tufts. This competition will be a good warmup for the UAA Championships which occur at the University of Rochetser in the beginning of November.