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New club for MLK Scholars

Published: October 5, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

The MLK & Friends club has been in the planning stages since the beginning of the Fall 2006 semester, and has finally become a recognized club. The idea came about when a group of MLK Scholars (students who received Brandeis Universitys Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship) started discussing the need for an outlet for those scholars who have such strong backgrounds in community service. The club is based on the principles that are stated in the MLK Jr. Scholarship: social justice, community service, education, and equality. The club also focuses on the ideals of community building and unity, as well as recruitment for perspective students and scholars.

Even before the club was recognized, six out of the 45 MLK scholars on campus were meeting on a regular basis and planning community events. Last semester they were able to plan and complete two separate events. One was a trip to the Waltham Salvation Army, where they helped renovate a play area that was damaged by flooding. The second involved participation in a community service project planned by the Waltham Groups Community Connections, where they went to a homeless shelter and painted the dinning area.

Now that the club is officially recognized and is a member of the Intercultural Center, they are hoping to make a big statement at Brandeis by working with all of the Brandeis clubs and organizations, at one point or another, with the intentions of building relations and encouraging a community atmosphere at Brandeis. One of their focuses will be assisting other clubs with publicity, planning, etc. especially at any events that they will be organizing. Their most immediate job is helping to publicize, decorate, and usher at AHORA!s Main Event on October 13. Their first outreach community service project will be a Halloween celebration with kids from the Waltham community at the end of October.

The MLK & Friends Club is very excited and ready to give back to the Brandeis community. If you are part of a Brandeis club or group, and are interested in working with the MLK & Friends Club please e-mail Lilia Pineda at or Victoria Roomet at