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Union unveils new Citizenship Campaign

Published: October 12, 2007
Section: News

This week, the Brandeis Student Union announced the launch of a new Citizenship Campaign intended to increase student body participation in both university-level and more widespread issues.

Student Union President Shreeya Sinha 09 described the campaign as about [the Student Union] giving back, being open and transparent.

Student Union Director of Union Affairs Jason Gray 10 added that the purpose of the campaign was about allowing the opportunity [for participation] and incentivizing civic engagement.

If we provide easy access for them to get involved [in their community], then people will, Gray said.

Sinha outlined three main goals of the Citizenship Campaign, the first of which she defined as global citizenship.

Sinha said she hopes this will help Brandeis students think about how we can be global students.

Through the citizenship campaign, she also hopes to achieve greater community integration and find out how we can focus out efforts on multiculturalism.

Goals for community integration range from having some sort of diversity day in classrooms to connecting with alumni, said Sinha.

The third goal Sinha outlined for the campaign is for students to get more involved with campus life initiatives involving everything from social life issues to the Hiatt Career Center.

In order to get the student body as a whole more involved in these issues and initiatives, Sinha said the Student Union hopes to engage students, faculty and administrators in Student Working Groups, which will meet to give input on various issues.

The Citizenship Campaign is intended to include as many people in Student Working Groups as possible in order to involve many members of the community in topics of their interest, explained Sinha.

Every student has different needs and initiatives, from things in academic fields to global citizenship, she pointed out.

In order to get students involved with initiatives, the Student Union has created a new website toward the purpose with a chance for people to submit an email saying I want to be a part of these initiatives.

The Student Union also hopes to create awareness through already existing campus clubs about new ways to get involved.

Were going to be doing a lot of club outreach in the next few weeks, said Sinha.

Gray explained that when a topic comes up this yearnow the person in the Student Union [who is dealing with the issue] will create the opportunity [for involvement] through a Student Working Group.