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Deviant Culture Club puts on Rocky Horror Picture Show

Published: October 19, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Michael Rennie was ill, while the Earth stood still, but he told us where we stand and Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear, Claude Raines was the Invisible Man

So begins the wild campus event that is the Deviant Culture Clubs (DCC) production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS). Yes, its back to Time Warp and strut in ridiculously high heels again. And this time, the cast is bigger, better, and sexier then ever.

For the newbies among us (commonly referred to as “virgins” by the DCC), Rocky is not only a theatrical event, but a mind-blowing experience.

While the cult classic is played on a giant screen at midnight in Schwartz Hall, cast members pantomime the action onscreen in full costume on the stage for the excitable crowd. The audience also gets in on the action by yelling lines, callbacks, and throwing objects such as bread at the actors. In addition, the pre-show entertainment promises to be something amazing as the talented Tracy Latimer is once again in the cast as well as directing what will be an incredible performance.

Mike Still 08, is in cast for the fourth time and spoke with Diverse City for a few moments about the show. I love the club and the show. In the past, Ive played Eddie, Dr. Scott, Rocky, and Ill be Frank this semester. Everyone should see the show at least once as its an awesome experience and it only costs $1!”

Cant get enough of RHPS? The club hosts trips into Harvard Square to see the professional Full Body Cast from Cambridge do their version of the show several times a semester. The next excursion is tentatively scheduled soon after the Brandeis show;

join the DCCs email list to be updated on dates and times for this fun event! Interested in other events such as cult and b-movie nights, fetish lectures/demonstrations, masquerade balls, or lingerie parties? Join the email list as well!

This semesters cast has six returning performers from previous semesters and four brand new actors! The Fall 2007 cast is as follows: Still as Dr. Frank-n-Furter;

Alex dAnjou as Brad Majors;

Adrienne Johnson as Janet Weiss;

Elliot Flah as Riff Raff;

Director Tracy Latimer as Magenta;

Arielle Kaplan as Columbia;

Jonathan Kindness as Rocky;

Dinah Lofgren as Eddie/Dr. Scott;

Jeff Cornejo as Crim;

and Evelyn Moreno as Trixie.

For those seasoned deviants and virgins alike, The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be playing one night and one night only on November 2nd at midnight. Doors open at 11pm in Schwartz Auditorium (right near Levin). Tickets are $1 and a Sh*t Bag, filled with fun things to throw and play with, also costs $1.