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Rothman wins third straight hot dog title

Published: October 19, 2007
Section: Sports

It aint nothing but a hot dog for Jordan Hot Dog Crusher Rothman, the 20-year-old Brandeis University junior who ate his way to victory at the Brandies hotdog eating contest in Sherman Wednesday evening.

Rothman crammed ten sausages and ten rolls down in five minutes, taking home the title in dramatic fashion. This was the third consecutive win for Rothman at the annual contest.
Rothman said technique and sustainability played a major role in this victory.

It was totally like a track meet. I know how to eat the hot dogs real fast, he exclaimed
Rothman's prize was a Dasani mountain bike, and he claimed that he would be going to Bank of America with the prize the next day.

During the contest, Rothman was all alone. With no teammates or coaches to help, the pressure was entirely on him. As 30,000 people (this information may be exaggerated) eagerly waited for the clock to begin, adrenaline was pumping through his veins faster than gas through a race car at a NASCAR exhibition. With the lights of Sherman casting down on each competitor, and with each having his own supply of water nearby, time slowed down the closer the competition came. Remember the strategy: clear the mind;

focus now;

once you start, dont stop.

Seconds before the start of the contest, every athlete focused with care, making sure each breath was right, every swallow was soft and that the body was as relaxed as a great philosopher lost in deep thought. To be tense or nervous is a death trap – give up now, for you will never win.

Two minutes after, every competitor, including Jacob Kamaras 08, Sean Petterson 11, and Stephen Ragno '11, was drooling, literally, and waiting for the whistle to begin what everyone came to see – who can chew and swallow up their opponent the fastest.

Jordan devoured his dogs at lighting speed. He suddenly stood up and wet his bread, so he could swallow. It is clear that Rothman could be considered a veteran on any level. He took a high pace on bread, while everyone was digging on sausages.

Rothman fights against other people and himself, if that makes sense. Doctors say he pushes his bodys physical limitations like a marathon runner. When his mind says he cant go any further, he has to tell his body yes, you can.

Would Jordan defeat international and hot dog-eating legend, Takeru Kobayashi? I dont know. But one cant dismiss the fun hes having and the friends hes making.

Im gonna write my own article about the contest in The Hoot as well, and itll be on the headline, he says with a smirk on his face.

Congratulation Jordan, but please dont take this topic from me?