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Shopping: Everyone’s doing it

Published: October 26, 2007
Section: Opinions

My name is Chrissy and I have a problem. Okay, Im just kidding. My name is Chrissy-true. But I dont have problem- at least not that type of problem. My addiction, so to speak, is shopping. But I prefer to call it a pastime, not a problem.

For an activity that often gets a stereotypical bad rep, shopping is, in my eyes, the exact opposite of what it is often portrayed to be. Now, I dont want to sound completely shallow and simply say that shopping is great, and leave it there, so Ill give you a few reasons as to why shopping is better than you may think it is.

First off, let me clarify that shopping is not some stereotypical, air-headed activity restricted solely to females. I happen to know some males who just might own more clothes than I do, and thats saying a lot, because if theres one thing I have a weakness for, its a cute article of clothing. Guys can certainly spend their money without our help girls, am I right?

So now that weve established that males can do just as much damage at the mall if they want to, lets move on to how shopping really can be a time-worthy activity. Lets not forget all of the items available to us to purchase which will benefit veritable causes ranging from breast cancer, to AIDS, to leukemia. Gaps RED campaign is one such commercial enterprise that combines pleasure with positive action. Why not do something helpful for your fellow human beings while enjoying yourself. Ok, so I buy myself a cute shirt and at the same time help to fight cancer. Sounds great to me!

And lets not forget the extensive therapeutic powers of shopping, of which I am very aware. Theres just something therapeutic and relaxing about shopping. Granted, if youre going to try out my theory, a word to the wise: dont do it near the time of the holidays. Even those of us most avid shoppers avoid the malls near Christmas time. Not even a great deal can make you enjoy the cramped aisles and cranky, pushy holiday customers.

But other than that, shopping is definitely a way to relax after a long, exhausting week. Even if you dont buy something, looking at all the unique items in any given store can definitely pass some time and take your mind off anything that may be presently troubling you. I must say that after every time I take a great shopping trip I get a post-shopping high of sorts, especially if it was a successful trip.

And shopping is also a way to bond and strengthen bonds of sisterhood. There is a drawback to shopping with a friend though, but I guess it could be considered a benefit also, depending on how you view it. People often tend to buy more impulsively when around friends. I guess you could call it shopping peer pressure of sorts. But whatever, some of the best purchases are bought impulsively.

Furthermore, shopping contributes to our economy, and thats always a good thing, right?

Finally, shopping is surely, if I havent convinced you of its other merits, a way to get in an easy workout. Why else do you think all the elderly, early morning coffee crowd walks around every morning? I dont think its for sightseeing, because the stores dont even tend to be open at that early hour.

Now, this may have seemed like a shallow enumeration of shoppings merits, if you could call them that, but you have to admit, I did take your mind off whatever it was you might have been stressed about before reading this. And if not, maybe you should actually try shopping. In a time where we are all very stressed out (midterms anybody?) and a world where there is simply too much negative activity going on, its the little things that we need to grasp onto to help us keep our sanity. For me, that is shopping. If shoppings not your thing, then thats fine, more clothes for me!

So please dont judge me and label me shallow because at least I have my clothes. You do realize that was a joke, right?