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Sexiled: Whats your fantasy?

Published: November 2, 2007
Section: Opinions

He trailed ice around my lips, down my neck, across myI think you can probably figure out the rest. His tie tickled my chin as he bent down to kiss me, his collared shirt barely unbuttoned, his slacks still on and buckled (or unbuckled, I dont really remember). My extremely short skirt was all but, well, ignored at this point, edging closer and closer to the bottom of myonce again, Im sure you can reach your own conclusions. We were on his desk, at work. At least, in my fantasy we were. Because in real life, we were on his couch and he was freezing my nipples off with the ice. So I had to tune out the baseball game and make up something much better if I didnt want him to strike out.

By the way, he fell asleep on my stomach in a pool of water.

If, however, you are not as lucky as I am and my fantasies are your real life, then no offense meant I dont like you. In fact, I am extremely jealous. Role playing is my fantasy.

Most roles in my fantasy involve him in a position of power and me in a short skirt, but regardless, the results are so much better in costume than out. Literally. Mental arousal is just as important as the other parts.

In order to reach the climax of any particular sexual experience, you need to be both mentally and physically stimulated. For me, that seems to fit perfectly with me wanting it to be Halloween every day. It has almost become a necessity in my life. And in honor of this holiday, I thought Id help you all find ways to put your costumes to better use. Not that dressing like a slutty nurse or a slutty cop or a slutty schoolgirl or a slutty anything else isnt a great idea, but maybe just this once, you could narrow it down to an audience of one.

Halloween is like a walking sexual fantasy. A moving orgy, if you will. People dress as school girls, maids, sex symbols, celebrities, cowboys;

they dress in lingerie, football and police uniforms they dress as a version of a Girl Scout your troop leader never envisioned. Its amazing how many body parts people think a scarf or caution tape or leaves can cover. We are not Adam and Eve;

Brandeis is not the Garden of Eden. Leaves are no longer considered clothing. However, if that is your thing and being Adam or Eve turns you on, I say go for it. Just save it for the right company.

Not saying that I dont like to prance around fraternity basements in small outfits until the party gets broken up at midnight or so, because I definitely dobut I think that maybe I would rather he showed up in a firefighters uniform just for me. Or you could save your best costume for after the party if you prefer.

Despite your preferences, I think role playing has its purposes. It spices things up. It makes someone who may not be so visually appealing a mental rock star. Basically, it can make even the most mundane, unattractive love encounters interesting and erotic.

Unless, of course, you dress up as a tennis player and he dresses up as nothing and just watches you walk around in a you guessed it little skirt and it does nothing, and I mean nothing for you whatsoever, then thats not such an erotic fantasy. Thats my pathetic life.

The thing about role playing, the most important thing, is that it should be mutual. Just like sex.