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Bordeleau to leave Brandeis

Published: November 2, 2007
Section: News

Next week Sarah Bordeleau, Assistant Director of Student Activities, will leave Brandeis to become a sales agent for the American Program Bureau, a company that books speakers for universities.

As Assistant Director of Student Activities, a position Bordeleau has held since 2004, she met with students to help plan events, worked with the Union on club initiatives, advised the SunDeis Film festival, and aided in the development of the Student Activities Departments Take the Lead! program. During the summer she also redesigned the Leadership and Resource Handbook worked on the organization of the Activities Fair.

Bordeleau will miss her job. I have seen Student Events grow and become a well-respected and proud group of students…they have a hard job but they always continue to step up and never seem to get tired…I have formed a lot of positive relationships with the members of Student Events…and I will always remember them.

Director of Student Events Lauren Barish 08 said in an e-mail, she has always been our number one fan, offering support and guidance.

Student Union President Shreeya Sinha 09 agreed. Her willingness to help students and advocacy work will be greatly missed. It will be difficult to replace the insight into student programming that Sarah had.

Bordeleau believes that her work at Brandeis has prepared her for future careers. I have come to understand very well what the role of an agent is as I work with them very frequently…I will be able to translate my experience well into this new position. Bordeleau decided to become a sales agent because she wanted to try the other side of the fence. She said I always enjoyed working with them and was always interested in seeing what their job would be like.

Bordeleaus last day is Nov. 5 and her replacement is expected to be found by Jan. 1. Bordeleaus advice for her replacement is, It's important to come to Brandeis ready to be challenged…I couldn't have asked for a better experience as my first professional job out of graduate school and I feel that I have become a confident professional who could take my career in a variety of directions thanks to the support and experiences I've had at Brandeis.