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Eddy releases class of 2011 statistics

Published: November 2, 2007
Section: News

Out of the 7,605 students who applied and the 2,585 that were accepted, a total of 705 freshmen, 34 transfers, and 94 midyears enrolled in the class of 2011, said Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy in a report to the Faculty Senate. 181 were accepted early decision. There are 167 students of color, 69 international students, 312 men and 393 women.

Also in the first-year class are 24 Justice Brandeis Scholars, 24 Presidential Scholars, and 32 National Merit Finalists. This year, the financial need of the entering class as a whole increased, causing the amount of the Universitys funds available for merit scholarships to decrease. As a result, less merit scholarships were offered.

Average SAT scores went down from 1367 to 1360. However, the national average also decreased by four points.

PJ Dickson, the advisor to the first-year class, said, the first-year students that Ive come into contact with have been energetic, excited about Brandeis, very, very bright, and they have some really exciting interests academically.

North Quad Senator Kaamila Mohamed 11 said, its been cool being engaged right away by being in the Student Union, and it's nice to be able to represent my peers and get to know them better. Im also starting a [mixed heritage] club, something that will really be my own.

Massell and North Quad councils, made up mostly of freshmen, have already begun contributing to social events on campus. In October, Massell Quad council hosted Are Jew Afraid of the Dark, a highlighter dance party, while North Quad council organized Fright Night, a scary movie marathon.

Meanwhile, Jason Bierenbaum 11 said, Im working on starting a new organization on campus called VOCAL: Speaking up for the future. Our main event this year is going to be in January, where well be having a big spoken word showcase. This project will raise money for after-school programs in Waltham.

Bierenbaum has already performed at several spoken word performances on and off campus. Ive met a lot of awesome people from all states, and also places like the Philippines, Egypt people from all over., he said.

Some first-years did not feel as enthusiastic Dev Singer 11, admitted that for the first month I was questioning whether Id gone to the right place, but not anymore. She continued I think Im liking it here.

Asa Bhuiyan 11 of POSSE, expressed her gratitude for the friends from her POSSE that helped her to adjust to life at Brandeis. The first few weeks at Brandeis, I felt really homesick, but they kept me together.. She continued, We have the academics for sure, but everyone in my POSSE also has a different talentwe dont just want to change the campus, but were going to…we want to have an impact.