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Letters to the editor: In response to “Tyranny of Sinha”

Published: November 9, 2007
Section: Opinions

Dear Editor,

The recent furor over the “election scandal” and Michael Goldman has been blown totally out of proportion. Can't we as a university please just get past this? I have a couple of problems with this entire situation, first and foremost the amount of time and energy being spent on a phony trial for a figurehead official that committed a minor offense in elections that don't even matter. What does the Student Union actually do? I know they have an office in Shapiro. I know they put their stamp on most of the fliers that are posted around campus. Oh, and they organize some crappy parties. I've got nothing.

If Goldman and Sinha's conduct in recent weeks is exemplary of how the student government operates when faced with adversity, then maybe we just shouldn't have elected officials in the first place. In the most recent issue of the Justice, Goldman writes of the “Tyranny of Sinha.” I honestly hope that the “tyranny” of an inconsequential official is the biggest problem he ever has to deal with in his life. The whole business of throwing around words- “impeachment,” “tyranny,” “abuse of power”- that, in the proper context, have sweeping implications for government and society is just becoming comical.

Maybe the next time an elected official is impeached, the student government can hold a press conference on BTV (in between PowerPoint slides). I wouldn't even be surprised if that's the next step in the Union farce.

Everyone involved in this scandal needs to take a step back, then resume their proper place in anonymity. The last month has been the worst display of self-aggrandizement, pomp, and sound and fury signifying nothing that I've seen in my three and a half years here.

– Miles Ketchum '08