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Letter’s to the editor: In response to Mr. Rabb’s letter

Published: November 9, 2007
Section: Opinions

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter mainly in response to Mr. Rabbs letter in the previous Hoot, and his fears of arming our police force. First of all, I agree with Mr. Rabb that this is a safe campus. I feel as safe as anyone walking around Brandeis at two or three in the morning, but that does not mean that there is no danger. As Chief Stritenberger of Columbus State Community College states, To say that just because tragedy hasnt struck eradicates the potential that it will is a weak and dangerous position. To extend this argument, we should be protecting against tragedies, because even a small situation can get out of hand very quickly. We have a trained police force on campus and their job is to protect us, so why hinder that? A gun in a police officers hand is a very powerful tool even if the trigger is not pressed.

Now in response to Mr. Rabbs article, I would first like to note his sarcastic tone. Although Brandeis is safe, there is no need to downplay the small danger that is here because danger is always serious. Mr. Rabb, what would happen if you had a knife pulled on you? Are you confident enough in your own self-defense abilities that you would not want help? Without a ranged weapon, the Brandeis police would be required to charge in and risk themselves to save you. Or, according to your article, they would stop, patiently call the Waltham police (or the SWAT team), and wait for the properly armed police to help. By that time, Mr. Rabb, a lot couldve been done. In addition, your concluding paragraph is so mind-numbingly sardonic that I barely understood your point. I pose this question, if you were able to take the danger of crossing the street away without any harm to yourself, would you? We cannot solve all safety problems with guns, but why not try to stop some of them? That is the opportunity we have here, and it is ridiculous to argue against it.

To conclude, I was climbing the Rabb steps when I saw words written on the ground. I looked down and read, Brandeis Values ≠

Guns, and Does Brandeis Really Need Guns? Im somewhat thinking out loud here, but what values are those? I believe they are the unwritten values that Brandeis follows: being polite, trust, truth, compassion, and being a great campus overall. I agree with these values and they are the main reasons I came here;

I dont see any way in which these values will be compromised by guns. As to the moronic question of Brandeis really needing guns, the answer is yes. We do not have a dangerous campus, but why wouldnt any student want the extra protection? In a situation of Brandeis actually being threatened, by a big problem or small, lets have the protection we deserve.

– Andrew Hogan 11