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A little slice of ‘Deis

Published: November 16, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

How many times have you been hanging out with friends, having a good time and thought, hey, this should be a TV show?

Most of us just shrug off this idea and continue laughing, but Arun Narayanan 10 decided to sit down to write the first episode of Slice and 'Deis, a new Brandeis Television (BTV) sitcom premiering on Monday at 7 pm in Golding auditorium.

[The characters] started out based on my friends around here, but eventually, writing the scripts, they became their own characters, Narayanan said.

The show follows a group of five quirky goofball friends at Brandeis, including Ed (played by Gdaly Berlin '10), Brendon (played by Alex Gaman '09), Ronnie (played by Ted Levin '10) and Walter (played Josh Reuss '10). Rounding out the group is Nicole (played by Diana Benlevy '09), a fun tomboy.

The premise of the show is pretty much five kids at Brandeis, hanging out, making fun of Brandeis, Narayanan said.

Were laughing with Brandeis, Berlin added.

The approximately 25-minute premiere episode, titled Sex with Dolphins, follows the group as they draw upon the constant flyering on campus to re-decorate their hallway.

When asked if Slice and 'Deis compared to any recent television shows, Narayan said, I suppose the easiest comparison would be Friends, because you know, they have friends just hanging out, but [Slice and 'Deis] is probably too dirty to be on NBC.

Director and producer Ilan Amouyal '11 said that they chose the title not only for its snappiness, but also because it also reflected the insiders view the show offers of the Brandeis community.

Somehow were like slicing and dicing Brandeis, Amouyal said.

Were dissecting it, Narayanan said. I think anyone can relate to it, but especially at Brandeis. I think thats really the key. We tried to go for Brandeis humor.

With filming consuming most of the shows production, Amouyal said they hope to show a new episode every month, with the second episode coming in January.

Even though the cast and crew are excitedly anticipating the Brandeis communitys response to the show, Narayanan said, Id love for it to become the staple of Brandeis television, something that people might actually refer to once in a while.

Once the BTV website is functional, viewers will be able to watch episodes online.