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Hiatt to offer stipends for student internships

Published: November 16, 2007
Section: News

The Hiatt Career Center recently announced the offering of paid stipends for students through its new World Work Interns (WOW) program. According to representatives from the Center, up to 50 sophomores and juniors will be eligible to receive $3,500 fellowships to pursue an unpaid summer internship in any field.

Joseph DuPont, the recently appointed Hiatt Center Director, announced a new fellowship program for students that wish to do internships but feel discouraged by the financial strains that unpaid internships can place on students. The program is in place in order to give students a basis for their careers while exploring fields they wish to pursue.

This program is an amazing opportunity for people to explore their passions, career interests and have experience as a basis for their entrance into the workforce, DuPont said. When internships are unpaid, the opportunities are less available for students that need money.

The idea for the program started with students who needed internships was prevalent but were constrained by financial needs. With the President Offices support for providing funding, the idea became a reality.

DuPont stressed that students could pursue journalism internships, international internships, Doctors without Borders, working for environmental causesthis caters to the wide array of student interest.

Lisa Huberty-Rapshutz 09 said, I have always had an interest to go to Africa and volunteer for UNICEF, but never thought I could in reality because I also need to earn money. I now have the ability to do such a program, get experience and pursue my passion, while not depleting my bank account.

She added my friends and I want to explore our passions, but money limits our abilities into exactly what we can do. Now we can go to Africa, or South America to work with children or agencies, or even stay in the US and work for a non-profit organization, without having to worry about money. This eases the pressure and lets us pursue our aspirations.

Meanwhile, Stephen Sukumaran 09 spoke of the foundation for opportunity in the program. I wish I had known about this program earlier because I have my Brandeis career pretty much planned out, but I think this is a great idea for freshmen to do later. I would have probably tried to work with a non governmental organization in Sri Lanka because I am from there and want to help with the ethnic wars and help victims.

Sarah Davis 10 was also eager for this opportunity. I want to do an internship in advertising because it will give me the background and foundation for my future career and I think this program is a great opportunity to make an internship much more accessible.

In order for students to be eligible, they must obtain a written commitment from an organization that has to agree to hire them for at least 200 hours this summer, sign an agreement form for at least one of the benefits, must attend a pre-internship preparation session, a mid-summer check in with Hiatt staff, and give a post internship presentation for others who might want to have a similar opportunity. The application will be due by Feb. 15, 2008 and applicants will be selected by Mar. 15. More information will be available in December on the Hiatt website.

Huberty-Rapshutz added I am really excitedthis opens up so many possibilities and sounds like an incredible opportunity.