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My Situation

Published: February 15, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

Yeah it’s unfortunate but I know its true

I am always after inaccessible just like you

This that and I am standing here waiting

For a day when we can stop debating

Sit around and make it real, I

Just want you to know how I feel

Its odd you see, my thoughts of you and me

Things get in my head but in an unimportant way

You are the girl who makes me want to say

Love… maybe

I wish you could see what it is I can be,

We could be like an ancient tree

Love immortal… possibly

Its not like you and me need to rush a thing

I just want a relationship to wing

I know I haven’t got perhaps the skills

But I have a feeling in my heart and I know it could kill,

We could be like Bonnie and Clyde, stealing

A kiss the world won’t miss, and

Write our love across the sky

Jupiter to mars and everything in between, it’s like

Clean sweeping the streets, every time we meet

My heart jumps a little,

Skips a little

It says “what are you doing kid? Seriously, you know where you need to be”

Where I need to be, what it means to me, maybe its with you

I don’t know, what can I do?

I am a mere mortal, bound

Bought and loved here, caught here

With you?

Its not a question I can answer, though

I know its you I fancy,

I am up for some serious romancing, but

You are coming off a faulty liaison, you seem


Its just a question of opportunity, will you let

You and me

It needs to grow, show and manifest what it could be.

Its all in possibility.

Maybe maybe maybe it could be

I hope we will see.