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Futile Ramblings: Hillary vs. Barack: The change factor

Published: February 15, 2008
Section: Opinions

Now I’m no expert when it comes to assessing political issues and I rarely pay attention to the political concerns and debates that captivate our country on an everyday basis, but recently I’ve found myself intrigued by the latest presidential election. With Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama vying for the Democratic nominee, in what has the potential of becoming one of the closest battles of all time, much of the nation is waiting to see which of these two candidates will prevail.

While Clinton has proven to be particularly appealing to the female populace of the United States, Obama has been nearly as effective in drawing the young people’s votes in our great nation. Obama is running a campaign that is based around the concept of offering our country with the ability to “change.” I keep hearing the word “change,” and how Barack Obama can offer the United States “change” if he is elected President. Now while the idea of “change” sounds particularly appealing to the uneducated person, who is unsatisfied with their current situation in life, is that really what the majority of citizens in the United States of America should be seeking?

While the idea of offering the American people with the prospect of “change” certainly isn’t something that I would envision as being an effective approach when attempting to become the next President of the United States, there is a legitimate possibility that Obama will win the Presidential election with this platform. While I could understand a country like Pakistan or Iran getting excited about the potential for “change,” should the people of the United States of America really be eager to transform our nation into something different than its current existence? I mean, last time I checked the United States was the most successful and affluent country in the world.

Besides, was “change” good for the New England Patriots when they decided to stop using their explosive shotgun offense in favor of a conservative approach in the SuperBowl? Was “change” good for Isiah Thomas when he decided to take over the New York Knicks as both a General Manager and a Manager, instead of just focusing on attempting to make himself a reasonable candidate to perform one of these jobs? Was “change good” for the Milwaukee Brewers when they decided to stop wearing those fabulous yellow and baby-blue uniforms with the baseball glove logo in favor of the repulsive navy blue and gold uniforms that they wear now? And I am positive that “change” wasn’t good for Britney Spears when she decided to stop dating Justin Timberlake in favor of K-Fed. So why are so many United States citizens in favor of “change?” “Change” is something that is supposed to be appealing to people who are either a) extremely unsuccessful or b) bored with being so good at something that they want to be bad again. I don’t think the American people should be craving “change” based on this definition, do you?

The other problem that I have with the people who are in favor of supporting “change” in the United States, is the fact that so many of them are young teenagers who really don’t even understand what they want changed. All they know is that they like the concept of voting for someone who is going to provide them with “change.” Most of these young adults don’t pay for their own tuition, insurance, housing situations or even food supplies. The only thing they know is that they like the sound of “change” and they despise the current President because the media told them that he sucks. They don’t even take the time to realize that the reason that they have been safe in their homes here in the United States over the past seven years, (since September 11th occurred) is because President Bush decided to invade Iraq. Instead of acknowledging this impressive statistic, the media reports everything negative about the current situation that exists in Iraq and the young people decide that they want “change” because it is being imbedded into their brains by the media that “change” is a necessary commodity.

Again, I am not a politics major and I have very little knowledge of specifics when it comes to the current Presidential election, but I do know that I am content with my life and I don’t want to support and encourage a drastic “change” here in the United States, when one simply is not essential, or even necessary. Personally, I enjoy knowing that I have a safe home to retreat to when need be. I like the fact that our country allows everyone to choose the path of work that they want to endeavor upon and that the majority of our people are rewarded for their hard work in some capacity. I love that I am allowed to express my opinions about any and every issue because of our freedom of speech laws. Maybe you don’t like these things, in which case I advise you to either a) vote for Obama or b) move to another country. I just don’t want our country ending up like Isiah Thomas and the New York Knicks.