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Black History Month

Published: February 29, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

dc02290807.jpgThursday night’s Black History Month Closing Ceremony in the Napoli Trophy room in Gosman was not a typical closing affair. The evening started off with a dramatic recitation from Shaina Gilbert ’11, who spoke about a dream she had about her great, great grandmother traveling north to freedom. Gilbert powerfully belted out a few lines of “Follow the drinking guard,” holding the entire room’s attention. She thanked her grandmother for coming so far north, but closed with the message was that it is time to stop running and stand tall.This theme carried throughout the ceremony.

The evening continued with dynamic recitations of slam poetry by students and Associate Dean of Student Life, Jamele Adams and a freestyle dance to Nas’ “One mic.” Also a part of program was a skit by BBSO members that touched on the Gravity controversy from last year. Instead of making direct commentary, they showed the responses that people continue to have and showed how it continues to affect the community.

During one dramatic moment, Adams called all the men in the room to stand and repeat after him in an affirmation of their fact that they are strong, caring individuals.

The evening ended with an open discussion about the performances and current world events.

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