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Ollie’s Eatery: A late night special

Published: February 29, 2008
Section: Features

Food is not a joking matter when it comes to college students. We want good food at an affordable price and available at all hours of the day. While Sherman and USDAN have been the primary sources for food in the past years, the idea behind Ollie’s is that more choice can never be bad. On weekends, particularly Saturday nights, Sherman and Usdan close very early, leaving students without a place to get a meal.

After a lot of planning and petitions from students, the school agreed to build a late night diner. Originally, TheVillage was chosen as the best location due to available space inside. However, that location did not pass construction inspection, and a new location had to be found. The Stein turned out to be the perfect place for it. The name itself “Ollie’s Eatery” was a topic for debate. Students were given the opportunity to participate in the naming by entering a contest. The two students that came up with the best name were given a free meal. One of those students was Beth Bowman’10. “In order for an establishment to be successful, it has to be marketed properly, and what’s a better form of marketing than a catchy name? I thought that the name should have something to do with Ollie because Louis gets all the name recognition around here. “Ollie’s Eatery” just sort of has a ring to it,” Bowman stated.

Ollie’s serves pancakes, smoothies, sausages and other breakfast foods, in addition to a wide range of entrees from the grill. Opened from 10 PM to 3 AM Wednesday through Sunday, Ollie’s is a great source for fine good at decent price. If you are in a mood for filling meal, you can order a Louis Late Plate for $7.49. This meal includes two pancakes, two eggs your way, and two slices of bacon or sausage. “Fills you up just enough for the right price,” said Olga Raptis’11. If you are not a breakfast eater, there are plenty of other choices. A dish of classical hamburger and fries is $6.39. Are you a vegetarian? Ollie’s has something for you as well. A special veggie burger is only $5.99. “I thought that the pancakes were really good.” said Jordan Caruso, ‘11. Breakfast food always tastes better at 2 AM, and what can be better than having a chocolate chip pancake after a long night of studying? Not a pancake fan, Ollie’s has a great selection of smoothies to choose from as well. A “Stan Smoothie,” which is a blend of fresh fruit and squeezed juice is $3.09. “My smoothie was amazing!” said Raptis, ‘11. Alcohol is available for students over 21 years of age until midnight.

Excellent food, affordable prices, great hours, what isn’t perfect about Ollie’s? According to various students, availability of Kosher food, currently unavailable, would be appreciated. If Ollie’s was to offer at least a small variety of Kosher food like USDAN does, it would cater to more of the Brandeis community. . “The food seems appetizing, but it would be nice to know for a fact and not from hearsay.” stated Josh Klein’11.

Next time it is 2 AM and you are dying for a pancake or toast, Ollie’s is your answer. Ollie’s understands that dinner at 1 AM is not ludicrous or ridiculous. Ollie’s welcomes our all nighters and rewards us with delicious food for our insomnia. “Ollie’s is a fun casual environment for people to hang out in,” said Bryan Deutsch ’08 Come try it out for yourself!