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Futile Ramblings: Infuriating complaints

Published: February 29, 2008
Section: Opinions

02290809.jpgOver the past couple of weeks a number of different issues have really been irritating me, more so than usual. I really don’t have any explanation as to why I have recently become so easily aggravated but instead of releasing my aggression on certain individuals, (the mechanism I typically choose) I thought I would use my column to discuss and complain about some of the things that have been infuriating me, in a list-type fashion. Let’s get this thing started:

-Can somebody please tell me why there is not an overhead bridge at the bottom of the Rabb steps connecting the stairs to the Usdan cafeteria? Would this not make everyone’s lives far more convenient? I literally spend fifteen minutes a day waiting in my car for the mobs of people to pass the crosswalk that has been inserted at the end of the steps, which over a four year span ends up resulting in days of my life. How hard would it be to add a bridge at the bottom of the steps, I mean each student only pays more than forty thousand dollars a year to attend this prestigious University? Is anyone with me here?

-The 100 Days until graduation evening at the Stein. I truly applaud Brandeis management for attempting to organize a relaxing evening for the seniors but please don’t advertise that you are selling $2 beers, when in essence you are selling 6 oz. Bud Lights that you have to wait an hour in line to obtain. This really frosted me because I only depart from my cozy room on Felton Street when I think that there is something worth while to attend on campus and I felt like I got completely hosed when I fell for this scam.

– Where do people get off thinking that it is alright for them to change the radio in the weight room at the gym? Seriously, there will be twenty people working out and someone will go and change the radio station, as if they were the only one’s listening to the music. Just because you don’t like to listen to the B 52’s “Love Shack,” doesn’t necessarily mean that other people don’t like to jam to that brand of music. Please show some respect and refrain from changing the radio station unless you have the consent of the entire populace that is working out.

– ‘Vh1 presents Flavor of Love 3.’ Are you kidding me? As if Flavor of Love 1 and 2 weren’t enough, the Vh1 producers decided to film a Flavor of Love 3. Yeah Flavor, I’m sure you will find true love this time, after all, the third time’s the charm, right?

-The fact that The Blowfish even exists. Has anyone taken the time to read any of these articles? I mean come on, this type of material should not be circulating throughout any campus in the United States, yet alone at a highly regarded school like Brandeis. Some of the articles in this thing are truly appalling and to be honest, I am embarrassed to even admit that I have read any of The Blowfish material.

-The Shaquille O’Neal trade. What was Phoenix Suns General Manager Steve Kerr thinking trading Shawn Marion for Shaquille O’Neal? Unless the NBA implements a new rule that allows the Suns to make subs on the fly, NHL style, this trade has to officially mark the end of the Steve Kerr era in Phoenix. Inserting a 400 pound giant in a run and gun offense that is orchestrated by Steve Nash makes absolutely no sense.

-What is with the custom of washing your hands after you use the restroom? Who invented this ridiculous tradition? Did someone really think that it was a good idea to wash your hands after you use the facilities? And the worst part is, I feel like everyone here at Brandeis has implemented this custom in their bathroom using repertoires. I’m totally kidding about this one…