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Brandeis University's Community Newspaper — Waltham, Mass.

Black Shadow

Published: March 7, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

I’m a silent shadow dressed in black

Unnoticed, ignored…

Given a freedom not realized or understood

Until too late

I walk down the street in black

And blacker still

You try to confine me

Buy me, hide me from your sight

You say I incest you

Inspire you, leave you sleepless and hot

You gave me this curious black freedom

Now you want to take it back

I have made it my own

Grabbed it and flown

You cannot drag me down

Weight this billowy fabric with disgust and self-hatred

You couldn’t control yourself

You’re weak

So you tried to tie me up

Control me, subdue me, subjugate me to your will

But it didn’t work

It will never work.

I’m still here

Still standing proud and tall

I’m covered from head to foot

But I still see and you can’t stop seeing

I’m the quiet shadow passing by

My eyes open and mysterious

I have seen more than you will ever see

And know far more than you

I see your ignorance

Your desire for control

I take your control

And toss it into the sea

I wear color; I wear what I am

But not who I am

I’m the silent, unjudged, unlooked-for shadow

Dressed in black and blue and red and green

I might be silent but shadow I am not

I am not black not ignored

You see color

And realize I am there

Black is all color, you are none

Washed out, subjugated to your own decisions

Watch from your idle-minded perch

Watch my black wings fly

I’m a silent black shadow

But I am me.