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DIII Women’s Playoff Live Blog: Brandeis Judges v. Southern Maine Huskies – JUDGES WIN!!!

Published: March 7, 2008
Section: Breaking News, Sports

Union, NEW JERSEY – Good evening everybody and welcome to live blogging action of Brandeis basketball as our Judges women’s basketball team taking on University of Southern Maine Huskies at the Harwood Center in Kean University. One of the loveliest sites in Jersey.

Six minutes away from game time. You can also listen in live on WBRS 100.1 FM Waltham through the site – or just google it.

So sit back, relax and at the risk of being a homer, “Go Judges!”

3:22 Capra fouled. 65-61 Huskies

Time out Southern Maine 65-62 Brandeis on an 18-4 run in last 6 minutes.

One minute left, 37-36 Brandeis.

Becky Dixon’s three falls short. First half over. Southern Maine: 38, Brandeis: 37

5:22 – Starting Line Ups – no surprises here. Brandeis in their road blacks, Southern Maine in white

Southern Maine: 11. Nicole Paradis, 15. Dawn Ross, 31. Stacey Kent, 32. Angela Santa Fe, 34. Shannon Kynoch

Brandeis: 10. Jaime Capra, 13. Kiersten Holgash, 23. Jessica Chapin, 12. Cassidy Dadaos, 41. Lauren Orlando

5:30 – tip off won by Brandeis, Jess Chapin missed three, Dawn Ross scores first basket of the game.

17:30 Brandeis off to a bad start, missed three straight shots, turnover by Holgash but Brandeis gets the ball back and Holgash makes the first Brandeis points with a three pointer. 4-3 Huskies.

17:00 Lauren Orlando gives Brandeis their first lead 5-4.

15:48 Amber Strodthoff enters game and promptly gets nailed for travelling.

13:51 Time out Huskies, Brandeis ahead 11-6. Capra has three assists. Now in the game is Lauren Rashford and Courtney Tremblay and back in is Dadaos.

11:41 Brandeis getting good penetration though So. Maine keeping with them. 17-13 Brandeis

10:21 – Angela Santa Fe hits second three but Tremblay answers back with 3 of her own, 20-16

9:14 With free throws, Jaime Capra now tied with Rachael Perry ’92 for second on the all-time scoring list

7:58 Stacey Kent makes wide open three, time out Brandeis. 21-19 Judges

7:22 Angela Santa Fe three gives Huskies lead back, 22-21

7:00 Jaime Capra hits three, now second in career points scored and third in three pointers. 24-22.

4:50 Both teams trading threes. 31-30 Huskies. 19 threes attempted in the first half.

3:14 Strodthoff gives Deis lead back 32-31

2:35 Southern Maine commits 7th team foul. Brandeis now in the 1-1 situation and Strodthoff misses. 35-33 Brandeis.

Halftime, Southern Maine: 38, Brandeis: 37

This game has turned into quite the shoot out with a combined 25 three point attempts. Brandeis is 6-13 while Southern Maine is 7-12. Leading the scoring Southern Maine’s Angela Santa Fe. The senior picking up 14 points and is a perfect 3-3 from the three point arc. Following is teammate Stacey Kent. The Huskies’ season leading scorer baring her fangs with 12 points on four three pointers.

Brandeis has a well balanced sheet with Amber Strodthoff leading with nine points. Jaime Capra and Kiersten Holgash each have points.

Brandeis shot 48 percent in the half compared to Southern Maine’s 53.8 percent. Brandeis needs to up their defensive presence because a shoot out favors the sweet shooting Huskies. At the very least, the Judges need to do a better job responding to Southern Maine’s screens and stop them from getting open looks.

Second Half

Southern Maine inbounds ball, Sante Fe makes shot. 40-37 Huskies.

Judges starting off rather sloppy. Three straight misses and a bad turnover.

17:1o Capra makes first Brandeis basket of second half, 42-39 Brandeis.

15:32 Jess Chapin makes three, 44-42 Huskies

Southern Maine turns over ball. Time out. 15:25 44-42 Huskies

Time Out Brandeis. 13:49 left, 46-42 Huskies. Capra having a poor game,

11:24 – Time out Brandeis. Southern Maine: 55, Brandeis: 46. Brandeis getting picked apart. If Capra doesn’t miss the shot, the inside attempt gets blocked.

9:30 Southern Maine now up by 12, 58-46. As I write, Capra gets nailed for travelling. Not a game she would like to remember.

8:18 Time out Brandeis to avoid a 5 second violation. Southern Maine: 61, Brandeis 46. This is getting ugly quickly.

8:09 Carmela Breslin gives Brandeis’ first basket in a long while, 61-49 Southern Maine.

5:17 Capra makes three. 65-55 Southern Maine. Time out Huskies.

4:53 Brandeis cuts lead to single digits 65-57 Southern Maine.

1:50 Jaime Capra makes three, 68-67 Brandeis!

36.8 Seconds left. Time out, 71-69 Brandeis. What a game, what a game.

18.1 Seconds left, Strodthoff set for two shots. Time out Southern Maine, 72-71 Brandeis

Time out Southern Maine, 74-71 Brandeis.

4.6 seconds left – Santa Fe misses the three, Lauren Orlando fouled, misses both shots.


Post Game thoughts

Wow. Just wow. This was one hell of a game to have watched. To have climbed out of their 15 point pit with nine minutes of action…just wow. Brandeis wins 74-71.

Post game interviews was quite the contrast of moods. The Southern Maine conference, simply brutal. Huskies Coach Gary Fifeld was rather blunt while Angela Santa Fe was holding back her tears. Stacey Kent was more composed but didn’t have anything to say. Fifeld simply stated that “They made a couple of threes and we lost composure.” Fifeld also cited depth problems, explaining that several players were ill and so others, like Nicole Paradis (who played 38 minutes) were out longer than normal and just ran out of gas. For Southern Maine, this was just salt on the wound.

Brandeis on the other hand was an atmosphere of jubilation as Coach Simon brought in Jaime Capra, Lauren Rashford, and Amber Strodthoff.

Capra led all scorers with 25 points thanks in large part to 10-13 shooting from the foul line. Amber Strodthoff set a career high in points with 13 and Lauren Rashford had four of the Judges 10 steals. Brandeis’ bench outscored Southern Maine’s 30-17.

Stacey Kent and Angela Santa Fe led the Huskies with 22 and 20 points respectively in the valiant effort.

Brandeis plays the winner of the Utica-Kean matchup going on right now.

Good night and come back tomorrow for more live blogging action.

– Zach