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[LIVEBLOG] Women’s Bball, NCAA Tournament, 2nd Round! 3-08-08 – Season over, Kean 95, Brandeis 61

Published: March 7, 2008
Section: Breaking News, Sports

Good evening everybody, Zachary Aronow reporting in to you live, court side at the Hardwood Arena as The Brandeis Judges take on hosts Kean University Cougars.

The game will also be broadcasted on 100.1 WBRS.

With 30 minutes until the opening tip, here’s a quick recap of opponents, Kean. Kean University finished 10-4 in the New Jersey Athletic Conference and won their record 12th Championship. Last night, Kean took down Empire 8 Champions Utica 83-76.

The Judges will face a doozy of an opponent as the 11th ranked Cougars deploy one of the best offenses in the league, finishing 3rd in the nation in scoring offense and 2nd in scoring margin. And lest you think they feasted of a weak schedule, they are 7-2 against tournament teams. Kean is also first in the NJAC in assists, steals, turnovers and assist/turnover ratio.Center Chari’ Cooper dominates the middle, averaging 14.1 rebounds per game with 1,488 career rebounds, a school record and third on the NCAA all time list. The offense is led by Ebony Jackson and Melissa Beyruti. Beyruti finished first in the NJAC with 18.o points per game and first in three point field goals with 3.14 per game. Jackson keeps the offense on pace with a league leading 6.21 assists per game and first in assist/turnover ratio.

This is a quick, athletic squad that can easily give the Judges some major fits. Brandeis will have to keep their focus, clamp down and not let Beyruti get hot beyond the arc. Something Utica found difficult as she was draining them last night from NBA range at times. Still, using seven players, Utica kept it close until Beyruti and the Cougars went on a run and the comeback came too late.

This is a game that could be either a close one or a blow out depending on which Judges squad shows up.

So sit back, relax and check in for regular updates or listen live on WBRS.

6 and a half minutes to go, here are the probable starting line ups, Brandeis in black and Kean in white.

Kean: 3. Ebony Jackson, 10. Melissa Beyruti, 25. Cardiss Jackson, 32. Tiffany Patrick, 43. Chari Cooper

Brandeis: 10. Jaime Capra, 13. Kiersten Holgash, 23. Jessica Chapin, 12. Cassidy Dadaos, 41. Lauren Orlando

First Half

20:00 – Tip won by Kean, Jackson with the quick lay-up.

18:20 – Beyruti makes three, now has five as Kean leads 7-0.

17:49 – Cardiss Jackman drains three, Coach Simon calls time out, 10-0 Kean.

17:16 – Cassidy Dadaos puts back lay up, 11-2 Kean.

15:31 – Lauren Rashford and Amber Strodthoff check in, Beyruti hits three 16-2. Brandeis responds with a travel. 16-2.

14:28 – Rashford with the steal, Lauren Orlando at the foul line, makes both 16-4 Kean.

11:56 – Brandeis 0-5 from the three. As I wrote that, Dadaos misses another.

10:53 – Chapin, Capra and Orlando return to action. 23-9 Kean.

7:45 – Chapin steals the ball and calls time out. 26-12 Kean.

6:06 – Turnover by Kean, time out Kean, 26-16 Brandeis.

4:43 – Foul puts Brandeis in the double-bonus, Chapin makes 1-2, 26-17 Kean.

2:34 – Chapin makes it 31-25 Kean.

1:50 – Three by Capra, 33-28 Kean.

One minute , Lauren Orlando makes it a 34-30 game.

First half over, Brandeis trails 36-30.

Second half

Cardiss Jackman makes first basket of half, 38-30.

18:48 – Capra makes first basket, 41-32.

Note – Strodthoff starting half in place of Dadaos.

16:44 – Time out, Kean, 48-34 Kean.

14:45 – Time out Brandeis, 54-38.

12:53 – Brandeis is starting to unravel, 59-38 Kean.

9:22 – Time out Brandeis, 67-43 Kean. Things look exceptionally black for the Judges.

8:47 – Another three by Beyruti, seventh for her, 28 points. As I right this, she makes her ninth one.

7:56 -Cardiss Jackson’s three now makes 76-47.

6:59 – Cooper makes basket and draws foul…I know it ain’t over until it’s over but Deis is circling the drain here.

4:22 – Lauren Orlando picks up her fifth foul, she’s now out of the game. 79-53 Kean.

3:38 – Beyruti takes a seat, now 85-56.

I don’t know what Kean is trying to prove but they just keep driving for quick baskets.

D-3 Hoops says that Kean is running up the score as well.

Two minutes left…it’s over.

1:40 left, time out. 90-60 Kean.

Capra leaves the court for the last time. Now in is Rashford, Gieschen, Diana Cincotta, Carmela Breslin, and Chelsey Dionne.

Shot clock off, time drained. Final score, Kean University: 95 Brandeis: 61