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NCAA DIII Men’s Basketball, Round 3 at Plattsburgh – GAME OVER: Brandeis Judges 74 at Plattsburgh Cardinals 63

Published: March 14, 2008
Section: Sports


Good evening everybody, sorry for the delay, technical difficulties on my part.

For action as it happens, listen to WBRS’s live broadcast and check out the information available on the NCAA athletics page.

Right now this has been an evenly matched game. Coach Meehan put out Joe Coppens, Kevin Olson, Kwame Graves-Fulgham, Terrell Hollins and Stephen Hill.

For the Cardinals, Anthony Williams was the last introduced and greeted by the crowd with chants of “MVP-MVP”. His is quite the story, which you can read here:

Williams and fellow senior Travis Gorham have made their presence felt picking up the first baskets but Brandeis has kept up.

Speaking of making their presence felt, the Brandeis faithful have made themselves a formidable vocal counter weight to the Cardinal home crowd.

Brandeis has the 21-18 lead with 9 minutes left in the half. Stay tuned for further updates.

Andre Roberson has now made three three pointers in the first half, game tied at 26 with 5:17 left in the first half. Both sides committing lots of fouls as Brandeis has 7 while Plattsburgh is in the double bonus, giving the Judges two shots on any foul. Current players out on the floor for Brandeis: Roberson, Kenny Small, Rich Magee, Hill and Coppens.

With 3:24 left to go, Roberson makes the basket and has a chance to make it a three point game, which he does. Andre Roberson having a great night for the Judges so far. The Jury keeping up the noise with chants of “D-FENCE”. With 2:40 left, Plattsburgh calls a 20 second time out after Joe Coppens makes an open three. Brandeis ahead 34-28. The Cardinal faithful are remarkably subdued. Then again, I would be during an opponent’s 11-2 run.

With one minute left in the half, the Judges are on a roll, Coppens and Roberson have helped the Judges to a 39-28 point lead while Hill and Magee are giving Plattsburgh absolutely nothing down low. Florian Rexhepi is back in the game after a rough first appearance. Plattsburgh is playing full court press in the hopes of reversing momentum. With three straight offensive rebounds, Brandeis holds for the last shot, they miss at the buzzer but the momentum is clearly on the Judges’ side. 39-30 Judges at the half.


With two minutes left until half time and both squads back on the court, here is what the statistics tell us. Andre Roberson is leading all scorers with 18 points, well on his way to eclipsing his previous career high of 29. Joe Coppens is his sweet self with 11 points. Brandeis as a squad shot 48% in the half. Anthony Williams is leading the Cardinals with 11 points at the half. Travis Gorham has five points and six rebounds. The second half kicks off with Plattsburgh missing a dunk and Kwame picking up his fourth foul. We’ll be seeing a lot of Andre in this half.


Both sides are starting off rather sloppy. Brandeis keeps turning the ball over while Plattsburgh keeps missing. Seeing enough, Coach Meehan calls a 30 second time out with 18:19 left in the game. No change in the score. Brandeis already has five team fouls in this half. Plattsburgh starting to regain momentum and looks like it’s only a matter of time until they start hitting the shots. So far, who can shot themselves in the foot most and survive? Kevin Olson finally makes the first basket, hitting a three on a break started by a Terrell Hollins steal. Trouble on the horizon though as Andre Roberson picks up his third foul. Travis Gorham excites the crowd with a dunk and Meehan calls another 30 second time out. 42-34 Brandeis. TROUBLE: At 14:27, Roberson makes his first shot but is slow getting up after getting bowled over on Plattsburgh’s possession. Timeout is called, he’s wincing but is back on the floor. 44-36 Brandeis.

Plattsburgh starting to pick apart the Brandeis inside and forces a 10 second violation. Kwame Graves-Fulgham back in the game. So is the home crowd. Line up for the Judges now: Hollins, Magee, Graves-Fulgham, Rexhepi, and Coppens. 11:35 left in the game. Hollins stepping though in the wake of the Cardinals rise. Makes the basket, forces the foul and later draws another after Kwame grabbed the rebound. Plattsburgh fans are now chanting, “I’m deaf, I’m blind, I want to be a ref”. With Hollins’ contributions from the charity stripe. It is now a 50-42 lead for the Judges. Kwame playing with complete abandon, throwing himself in the mix for every rebound. Not something you see from most guards. Roberson picks up his 4th foul however as he returns to action. Unusual play, the ball was poke checked from Rexhepi, Plattsburgh couldn’t corral it and it instead went to Hill for the lay up. 54-48 Brandeis.

With 7:26 left in the game, Plattsburgh calls time out. This game could either way though Brandeis maintains the 54-48 lead. Plattsburgh scores a basket and later makes both free throws to cut the lead to a basket. Terrell Hollins though responds with a big tip. Coach Meehan has to be concerned though, Meehan has three starters in foul trouble and Plattsburgh is just driving for that basket. 5:16 left to go and the momentum is on the Cardinals side. Put back by Gorham ties the game up with 4:3o left in the game. Kevin Olson is making his presence felt though with a three and pulling down the rebound. 59-56 Brandeis.

Sorry about the delay, lost power and needed a cable. With 26 seconds left in the game, Brandeis now has a 70-61 lead. The Jury has been chanting, “We can’t hear you”, “we want Amherst” and “nananana, hey hey, good bye.” There is little left for Plattsburgh to do but foul the Judges and hope for another chance. They had one when Roberson missed the first of a one and one but Brandeis grabbed the rebound. Fans now chanting “maybe next year” and “wait till next year”.

GAME OVER: Hill makes an easy lay up and Plattsburgh drains the clock. Final score, Brandeis 74, Plattsburgh 63. The Judges play Amhearst tomorrow.  Good night and see you tomorrow.


*Note: This game will be broadcast in accordance with NCAA regulations for Live Blogging NCAA games*