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Published: March 21, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

Silence is the name of the game

And the game goes like this.

Be quiet, shut up, and listen

For if you miss the game,

You miss your chance at redemption

You’re loud,

Too loud.

You’re noisy,

Too noisy.

And it stops the silence from becoming.

So you gotta close your mouth,

Listen to the silence

It waits,

It watches,

It knows

You will make a mistake,

Some small sound;

And it will pounce,

Consume you,

Subsume you,

Eat you alive,

You will live and die,

Breathe and suffocate,

Sweat and bleed.

The silence will become you,

And you won’t be you.

You will be the quiet stillness before the storm,

The forest after a doe’s death,

The world when two towering giants were laid low,

When the hurricane left so many helpless and desperate,

When the tsunami almost covered a country.

The silence is waiting for you,

Calling your name.

Will you answer?