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New venue, same show

Culture X returns to Brandeis in April

Published: March 21, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

Are you ready for the biggest culture show of the year? Yes, that’s right Culture X is back in action. This show brings in an audience of over 700 people annually and this year will be no different.

On April 12, Culture X will make its debut in Spingold Theatre for the first time. The history of Culture X remains as one of the few shows that take place on this campus which aims at showcasing a variety of acts from on campus including such groups like Adagio, Hipnosis, and for the first time, the cheerleading team.

This year Culture X will be a part of the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts which celebrates the the creativity of students, faculty, alumni, and professional guest artists through concerts, plays and art exhibitions across campus.

In the past, Culture X has been a open event which all students can attend freely, but this year it is structured a little differently. Now the audience will need a ticket to get in. The tickets will be free and available in the Spingold box office starting a week before the show.

Culture X brings about a collective mix of poetry, rap, dance, and song. Every year the show leaves audiences wishing it hadn’t ended. The theme for Culture X this year is “Under Construction: Identities at Work”. This theme ties in nicely with the goals of Culture X which is to provide the Brandeis community with an event that reflects a variety of diverse backgrounds.

In the past, Culture X has proven to be a show which brings together a number of different groups on campus to produce one big, extravagant performance.

Culture X is the brainchild of the Intercultural Center and the event has a long lasting reputation of being a show that always puts out. The chairs for the show this year have been working hard on developing a theme which can appeal to all people.

The change of venue this year has left students shocked at the decision to move the show into Spingold Theatre, but the new venue has helped raised the number of seats available for students. Culture X has formed the reputation that brings both past and present Brandeis students together.

This year the show will include a unique blend of fusion acts. Clubs such as South East Asia Club, BC3 and Korean Student Association are choreographing dances which combine more than one style of dance.

Culture X is the one show where the traditional can blend with the modern. Attending a Culture X show is like taking a trip around the world, you can experience everything, from the musical styling of Korean pop artists to the instrumentals of traditional Arabic music. This free two hour show personifies the different traditions, groups and talents which make up this campus.

Editor’s note:

The chairs for Culture X this year are looking for individuals who are interested in being a part of committees. The committees will be responsible for such things like publicity and ushering. If anyone is interested feel free to e-mail your interest to