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Wonderland, Dorothy, and Doug, oh my!

Brandeis students artfully bear all in annual Liquid Latex show

Published: March 21, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

diverse-city-3-21-08-final_page_1_image_0002.jpg From Nickelodeon throwbacks to Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers, Liquid Latex once again solidified its position as one of Brandeis’ most successful shows. And, to be honest, you would expect no less from a show offering engaging dance routines, intricately designed costumes and, of course, partial nudity.

Liquid Latex 2008: My Body, My Vision showcased a broad range of acts. Whether the emphasis was intended for the costumes or whether it was directed towards the choreography, the result obvious in the crowd’s applause.

A lively “Trip Through Oz” set the show off. The act, featuring Dorothy and company, highlighted an interesting interpretation on the old classic. What with the synchronized choreography, streaks of humor, and costume designs, this act was one of the more well-rounded.

“What You Can Do With More Allowance…Yodelayeoo” brought us all back a decade with its Doug theme. You really can’t go wrong with 90s Nickelodeon. A personal favorite was “Miss American Dream.” Not only was the performance well-choreographed and with good costumes, but the dancers in this act were clearly enjoying themselves and the routine.

“Lets Talk About Sex” provided the social activism portion of the evening with AIDS themed costumes. Performers even threw condoms into the crowd during the routine. “Superheroes Collide” offered some comic relief and featured a popular medley of dance songs.

The show was stolen by “The Pink Floyd Sound Project.” The performers portrayed the women featured in the famous “Back Catalogue” image. The costumes were highly detailed and the choreography called for flips and for the models to take on difficult body-entangling positions.

It was a show well worth the charged entrance price. And charged, it was. With the Finance Board initiated trial policy ensuring all events to be free of charge for Brandeis students, Liquid Latex opted not to break tradition. In turn, the club was obligated to return the funds they had initially requested, relying on their personal account to carry the show.

This risky move may have proved disastrous, as many college students tend to opt for cheap or free means of entertainment. But if this club was attempting to make a statement…point taken. Levin Ballroom was literally filled to the brim, with some attendees standing, taking seats on the floor or comfortably swinging their legs off the balcony. Liquid Latex demonstrated that a successful event is possible at Brandeis, even without F-Board aid.