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If you remember this, you grew up in the 90s

Third Eye Blind performs their 90s hits at Brandeis University

Published: March 28, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

Ever see that Facebook group “If You Remember This, You Grew Up in the 90s”? Well, it has about a million and a half members. A million and a half people who miss those great 90s shows, lingo, and music.

Third Eye Blind, the band behind 90s classics “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Jumper” and “Never Let You Go,” performed to a sold-out audience at Brandeis this past weekend.

The show began with an local Boston band called Rogue Heroes. The band was clearly excited to play in front of such a large audience, but the most applause during their set occurred when one of the members tossed his towel out into the crowd and it caught on a light.

Finally, Third Eye Blind took the stage to an incredibly excited Brandeis audience. Throughout their set, audience members attempted to crowd surf (some more successfully than others) and numerous girls climbed onto guys’ shoulders to get a better look.

Third Eye Blind tried out some songs from their upcoming album, which went over fairly well with the audience. Obviously the crowd became most excited when the classic songs were performed, particularly getting into a rather improvisational version of “Jumper.”

After their set, Third Eye Blind came back on to play a quick encore. In all, the show was very professional. Third Eye Blind is a very seasoned group and it was refreshing to see a band that I had loved so much growing up.

Another aspect of the performance that caught my attention was their set. Behind the band was “THIRD EYE BLIND” written out in lights which would become brighter and dimmer as the songs called for it. From the past few shows I’ve seen at Brandeis, this was the most professional-esque set I’d seen.

A down side to the performance was the venue. The acoustics are not great in Gosman and it was extremely crowded as well as hot. It was really hard for me to see and I was only a few rows back. I didn’t remember having the same difficulty and uncomfortable feeling at the last few shows.

I think that overall Student Events did a fabulous job getting Third Eye Blind to come and the popularity of the show despite the price of the ticket is proof of that. Before the show, there were tons of people outside asking if anyone had an extra ticket.

Should you feel a desperate need to see Third Eye Blind within the next month, the band will be playing at Duke’s Last Day of Classes all-day festival. Rapper Lupe Fiasco will also be at the event.

Hopefully next semester Student Events will have an equally successful fall show. I know I’m looking forward to seeing who they bring. Based on the past few years though, it really could be anyone.