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Rant: 7/18/07

Published: April 4, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

The injustices of this world are not made by those who do nothing by rather by those who in innocence overlook the injustice being done before their very eyes. Humanity claims that the Earth is our world, our treasure but we do not treasure it as we should. It would be better if we did not set ourselves up to the travesties that seem to happen of their own free will.

These so called travesties are merely man’s cruel tricks on one another. Few if any will laugh when a child’s life is taken. Few if any will laugh at genocide. But many laugh in the face of slavery, of guns and drugs and wars. They laugh in the face of women screaming for mercy as they are gunned down by paid raiders. People laugh when they here about just another bombing in this cruel world.

So who is indeed the guilty party here? Is it the ones who supply the guns and the drugs; anything and everything that causes the horrors that are headlining every newspaper now-a-days? What can we say to those whose incomprehensible losses are simple statements, figures in black and white?

People taken from their homes, burned from their villages, people tested upon and starved because the business world thinks it will be more profitable if people bought a specific brand name product instead of the cheaper stuff that costs half as much and is far more affective in helping those in need. We claim that we do not help, that we cannot even help ourselves but that is not true.

A dollar from every person in the world could stop this disease in Africa or feed this country for a year. But the world cannot save everyone. If we are to follow Darwin’s theory, then the weak should die and the strong should continue on but is that truly a way to live life?

We see the suffering going on around us but we do nothing. We try, we say we’ve tried, and then we continue on with our perfect lives. Ha, life couldn’t be so far from perfect. What is perfect anyway? Is it the American dream of a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a dog?

I wish I knew some of these answers but I am still so young, so inexperienced; simply trying to make my way in the world; trying to find meaning. I guess that is everyone’s goal; to find meaning. Some find it in slowly dying religions while others find relief in the more frowned upon aspects of human society.

What I mean to say in as concise terms as I can is that our world is a shit hole but each person makes the best of what they’ve got. Find peace, make love, enjoy life: the three factors of humanity.