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X marks the spot

Kylie Minogue releases new album

Published: April 4, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

After four years, Aussie pop star Kiley Minogue released her new album X this past Tuesday. The album has been in wide release in Europe and the UK since November 26, and doing very well there.

Minogue has had a very successful career throughout her lifetime. In 1988, “The Loco-Motion” swept the States as well as the rest of the world as a classic 80s pop hit. She had tons of success in the rest of the world, but the US did not seem particularly receptive to Minogue until the release of the album Fever in 2001 (remember “Can’t Get You Out of My Head?”).

While on tour in Europe and Australia, Minogue was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite this, Minogue tried to keep the tour going as much as possible, including a sell-out event featuring Bono from U2.

In late November, 2007, Minogue announced that to promote X, she would have a European tour called KYLIEX2008. Tickets for the UK event for all eight shows reportedly sold out within 30 minutes of opening. In December of the same year Minogue participated in the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Norway and later that month was honored by Queen Elizabeth II with an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) for “services to music.”

One of the best aspects of the music on X though, is that Minogue updated her sound without losing that je ne sais quoi that is so undeniably Kylie. The whole album is full of the fabulously catchy pop tunes that she’s so well known for.

Another feature of the American version of X is that she recorded “All I See,” the first single off the album, with Mims, which will definitely help her appeal to the American crowd. She also performed the single on Dancing with the Stars to an audience of 20 million viewers.

The album overall is a success. Each song is different from the rest, but together they form a very cohesive and flowing unit. Besides being incredibly catchy and dance-worthy, the album is also heartfelt. The lyrics are personal, if lacking.

Though every song sounds distinct from the other, Minogue’s lyrics are the same, simple ones from all her previous albums. The reason I believe the album to be a success is that despite the simple lyrics, I still really enjoy listening to them. I love that Minogue’s music never fails to get my feet tapping and my head bopping.

I would recommend X to anyone who enjoys pop and dance music. It certainly is not an album that everyone would enjoy, but if you liked any song off of Fever, you’ll definitely love this one.