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Mixed Heritage Club shares personal experiences

"In Mixed Company" discusses growing up- mixed heritage style

Published: April 4, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

Founded last semester, the Mixed Heritage Club (MHC) provides an outlet for the mixed heritage community at Brandeis and for those who would like to share in the mixed heritage experience. Last Tuesday’s showcase provided attendees an inside look on what being of mixed heritage truly means.

“In Mixed Company” began with a dynamic group reading of the Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People. The show continued with several poetry or anecdote readings meant to convey the meaning of the loaded term “mixed-heritage.”

Themes addressed included identity and social acceptance. One reading represented societal reactions as people putting puzzles together. In her piece, Shirah Moses ’11 stated, “some good is done each time I cause confusion.” Jason Henry Simon Bierenbaum ’11 provided a lively and energetic spoken word performance.

The show continued with Arnel Batoon’s ’10 idea of beauty in terms of people of mixed heritage. Intercultural Center Co-Chair, Kevin Yim ’10 also made an appearance to deliver an assertive yet compelling reading. Kaamila Mohamed ’11 presented two of her own poems, one of which focused on identity saying, “Yes, I am!”

Marie Zazueta ’11 provided a personal anecdote that may have been the most moving performance of the night. In her showcase, Zazueta spoke of how her partly Mexican heritage affected her when growing up. Being of mixed-heritage allowed her to be exposed to forms of ignorance and racism that many of us will never have to be burdened with.

The final act featured a play written and directed by Max Price ’11. The play, portraying the real life experience of a half-Jewish and half-Haitian young man, dealt with common themes associated with race such as racial profiling and college acceptance.

“In Mixed Company” uncovered and celebrated the joys and pain that comes with the mixed heritage experience. The event was very well attended and overall, a success. Only halfway through their second semester at Brandeis, the Mixed Heritage Club has certainly had a great start and will surely have further success in the future.