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Crystal bus hit by Jeep

Published: April 11, 2008
Section: News

A Brandeis Crystal Bus returning from Boston was hit by a car the evening of Friday April, 4. The accident happened at approximately 9 p.m. No one was injured as a result of the crash.

According to Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan, the bus was turning left from Route 30 onto River Road when it was struck by a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Callahan explained that the bus had a green light when the Jeep entered the intersection and hit the bus.

Ori Appelbaum ’11 described, “we were taking a wide left turn and the car came in front of the bus and hit it. The bus kept moving and the car kept moving too.”

“I was facing the door [and] saw glass shattering everywhere,” he added. “It definitely was scary for a second.”

In addition to shattered glass, “there were two big holes in the bus,” Appelbaum stated.

The Weston Police arrived at the scene and then asked that all passengers write down their names, birthdates, and hometowns, Danielle Gershon ’10 explained.

The police found that the bus driver was not at fault, Callahan said. The police did issue a “citation to the Jeep for failing to stop at a red light,” he added.

The front of the jeep was “smashed,” said Appelbaum. The Jeep was later towed from the scene.

“We had to wait 45 minutes before we started going back to Brandeis,” Appelbaum stated.

Upon returning to Brandeis, the bus driver asked for the same information his passengers had supplied the police, presumably to prevent false claims of injury, Gershon explained. The driver could not be reached by time of publication.

Appelbaum rode the very same bus the next day. “They put duct tape over the holes,” he remarked, “they didn’t repair anything.”