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Serving up some humor

Slice and 'Deis returns with new episode

Published: May 2, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

This past Tuesday, the comedic Brandeisians came together again for a third installment of Slice and ‘Deis. “The Finals Countdown” opened with a parody of the Lost opening credits. The opening scene was humorous, with suspense leading up to a low-brow fart joke.

This episode’s plot centers around finals as well as Brandeis relationships. The episode is very clever and runs the gamut of both the finals and relationship experiences. Some of the characters are already finished with their papers and studying for their exams while others are last-minute cramming.

One of the characters, Brendon (played by Alex Gaman ’09), is the only character who seems unfazed by finals. When his friends ask him about it, he is incredibly evasive. In a surprise ending, the audience is shown why Brendon seemed so nonchalant.

Besides juggling a busy finals schedule, the Slice and ‘Deis kids are also trying for a shot at Brandeisian love. Walter (played by Josh Reuss ’10), who developed a crush on midyear in the past episode (played by Larissa Liebmann ’10), is devastated to find out that his crush has begun to date an international student, played by Ilan Amouyal ’11. The boys (Ed, played by Gdaly Berlin ’10, Ronnie, played by Ted Levin ’10, and Walter) gather at the Stein to meet the new couple, but before they arrive the trio have a long discussion about how international male students have the upper hand when it comes to girls.

Once the couple arrives, the trio is introduced to the idea of a club at Brandeis where all the good looking girls gather. Amouyal’s character offers to show everyone this club and they all head off to the castle to go find it. After a long, and very funny search, only Ronnie finds a club, but it is certainly not the one he’s been searching for.

The acting in the episode is excellent and the humor well-placed. The dialogue is interesting and the plot is engaging. Having never seen an episode of Slice and ‘Deis before, I felt that I was still able to get to know the characters and sympathize with their situations. Also, the editing is superb. They did some flashy things during the long search through the castle that were both impressive and very funny.

In all, the episode is very entertaining and I am very impressed by BTV’s work.

You can check out all three episodes of Slice and ‘Deis on channel 65.