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Usdan Student Center gets summer facelift

C-Store moves, Quizno’s under construction

Published: August 29, 2008
Section: News

In what was once Usdan’s C-Store, a Quizno’s sub shop will open towards the end of September.

To accommodate the new Quizno’s, Usdan’s gameroom was divided in half and the new C-Store will now be stationed in part of the former gameroom space.

In an e-mail message, Michael Newmark, director of Dining Services, said the idea to add a Quizno’s and expand the size of the C-Store originated five years ago as part of a dining master plan. This plan, developed by Aramark, Brandeis students, and the administration, featured student surveys, community focus groups, and studies on traffic flow analysis, campus layout, and preferred national brands. The plan has been consistently evolving over the past five years, Newmark explained, based on various surveys and student feedback from the Student Union’s Dining Committee.

The old C-Store spanned just over 800 square feet, but the new store will exceed 2000 square feet. Because of its newly expanded space, the new store, named P.O.D. Market (Provisions on Demand Market), will now include many more options than its smaller space allowed.

Both the newly renovated C-Store and the new Quizno’s space have been completely renovated and rebuilt, according to project manager Bob Elias. Construction began this summer and should be completed within the next month. P.O.D. Market opened in time for arriving first-year students and Quiznos is slated to open in late September, Newmark said.

In both the Quizno’s and P.O.D. spaces, new ceilings, flooring, and electrical equipment have been installed, new walls have been built, new heating ventilating and air conditioning equipment and drain lines have been installed. Construction seems to be on schedule, Elias said, and it should be finished quickly once trailers with equipment arrive in late August.

Newmark believes the C-Store’s “shopping experience will be greatly enhanced” because of the increased space.

Because of the increase in space, P.O.D. now includes an expanded bottled beverage selection and coffee/espresso and fountain beverage areas. The frozen food selection and grab and go area have both been expanded to fill the new space.

P.O.D. Market’s produce and fruit market will feature various organic and local options. The new space also features a hot food bar with Rotisserie chicken and various other hot food take-out options.

Reach-in coolers have also been installed along the back wall of P.O.D. More storage has been added to ensure that coolers and shelves are fully stocked. The front of the store now has a small seating area, and music will now be played in the store.

With the changes made to the newly-named P.O.D. Market and the construction of the new Quizno’s, Newmark believes that Dining Services will successfully continue to offer the entire Brandeis community several dining options and that it will create “even greater flexibility to meet everyone’s different schedules, lifestyles, and food preferences.”

Quiznos will be open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. and will take all forms of payment accepted at Brandeis’ other dining locations. Both P.O. D. Market and Quizno’s will use the C-meal program, Newmark said.