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Usdan Student Center gets summer facelift

Gameroom space halved for new C-Store

Published: August 29, 2008
Section: News

To accommodate the newly expanded C-Store, and the addition of a Quizno’s to Usdan, the space for the gameroom was cut in half over the summer.

Towards the end of last semester, Aramark approached Student Activities to suggest an expanded convenience store space. Construction commenced this summer. The new C-Store, P.O.D. , occupies part of the old gameroom space.

While Quizno’s and P.O.D. required most of the major structural renovations this summer, only minor structural changes were needed in the gameroom, Metevier explained. Most of that work consisted of the construction of a dividing wall to separate it from the new C-Store. Minor rewiring and redirecting of some lighting fixtures also occurred.

While the gameroom lost square footage, according to Student Activities Operations Specialist Mark Metevier, the quality of the game room itself has improved. “Even though we might be cutting something in half, we really want[ed] to bolster everything for the student body,” he said.

The new space features new ping-pong tables and shuffleboard. All of the pool tables have also been re-felted and re-leveled, Metevier said. He explained that because of their popularity, the pool and ping pong tables were two items Student Activities made sure to not only retain but to improve. The new tables will feature covers and inserts to keep them in good condition. There are plans to transfer those ping-pong tables from the previous space that are still in decent condition to various residence halls, he added.

A total of five flat screen televisions, all of which will be connected to cable, line the game room’s newly painted walls. The new space will also feature a new Xbox, a Playstation 3, and a Wii system. Metevier said the gameroom has not lost any games, but will rather benefit from the new equipment and library of games.

Metevier is working with one outside company to bring in stand up arcade games and with another that will send Brandeis a library of video games for the consoles. This library will be constantly stocked and properly licensed, allowing Metevier to send back the editions that might not be as popular as others. “Our library of video games will always be fresh,” he explained.

The gameroom now features new countertops, which line the glass walls and face the outside.

The Student Service Bureau, which will remain stationed in the gameroom, has also been improved, Metevier commented. A new fridge featuring a glass case front will allow Student Services to better display the items they sell, such as birthday cakes.

In making all these changes, Metevier said he and the Student Activities team paid close attention to both students’ former requests and the latest trends at other colleges.

Metevier said he is excited about the new space and “want[s] to encourage people to make this place the place to be.” He said there are hopes to host more tournaments in the gameroom, and there will be a karaoke event in October.

Though he anticipates there might be some disappointment among students upset that their space was essentially cut in half, Metevier believes, “in the long run, students will react positively” to the changes.

Student Activities will host a grand opening event Oct. 3 to celebrate the newly-renovated space.