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Futile Ramblings: Summer bummer

Published: February 1, 2008
Section: Opinions

It’s starting to get to be that time where you need to start thinking about your working plans for this upcoming summer. But often times being a summer intern can be, well, extremely boring. Since most interns don’t possess the necessary qualifications to receive pertinent and interesting assignments, they are typically stuck with mindless chores such as getting the ‘big guy’ some coffee or pulling staples out of 8,432 different documents. So before you decide that working in an office is the way that you want to spend your summer because it will look good on your resume, take a look at a typical day at my 2007 summer internship in this time-documented blog. It might make you reconsider agreeing to that next summer internship offer.

8:35 AM – I just got into the office and I am currently engulfing a tasty Dunkin’ Donuts bagel. I am optimistically looking forward to a productive day.

8:53 AM – Some guy just called me Jake. I clearly made a lasting impression on him yesterday.

8:59 AM – I just checked my Facebook profile to see if I had any recent wall postings. I don’t have any yet but I’m sure I will have a bunch as the day progresses.

9:17 AM – I just received an email informing me that there is some mail for me in the mailroom. This could be exciting.

9:19 AM – The secretary just notified me that my mail would be delivered to my desk. She told me that she had informed the mailman that the mail was for ‘the kid’ at the first desk on the right. Isn’t it every intern’s dream to be referred to as ‘the kid’ by their fellow co-workers?

9:24 AM – The secretary just stopped by my desk to apologize for calling me a ‘kid.’ I told her not to worry about it, as I have been called much worse by many other people.

9:31 AM – The mailman informed me that there was a misprint and that the mail was for a different Chris. That’s a bummer. I’m not going to let this ruin my day though.

9:37 AM – Just checked my Facebook profile again. Still no new notifications to report.

10:00 AM – I have yet to contribute any amount of work that would enhance this company’s overall progress. However, I have already made $20 today.

10:14 AM – Just thinking about my Madden season now…

10:33 AM – Checking my Facebook profile again to see if there are any new postings. Nope, still none.

10:47 AM – My phone is ringing!

10:48 AM – Oh well, it was the wrong number. It was someone looking for a Mo Lester. I don’t think he even works here…

11:11 AM – Some cute girl at the desk across from me keeps staring at me and smiling. I think she might like me.

11:43 AM – Rich just asked me to fetch some paper for him because his printer just ran out. Waiting on people like this is just one of the many perks of being a summer intern.

11:58 AM – Lunch break finally.

3:03 PM – Just got back from lunch and that cute girl is still staring at me and smiling. This could be my lucky day.

3:12 PM – Haven’t checked my Facebook profile for a while, I’m sure I have a bunch of wall postings now.

3:13 PM – Nope, still no wall posts.

3:21 PM – Still haven’t contributed any meaningful labor to this wonderful company.

3:30 PM – I was just notified that there is a new guy at work today and we are having a company gathering to welcome him. This should be fun.

3:33 PM – Somehow I ended up sitting next to the new guy, which was a fortunate turn of events. He asked me what my role in the company is, so I asked him if he was familiar with the brochures that we create for our clients and when he nodded yes with a captivated look upon his face, I informed him that I have nothing to do with those because I am just a summer intern. We both got a kick out of this. He seems like a good guy.

3:57 PM – Still no wall posts on Facebook. My friends must all have fun and exciting jobs or something.

4:07 PM – My entire body is in agony from the softball game I played in last night. Maybe next game I should think about refraining from punching the trash can in our dugout and throwing the water cooler onto the field because I think these actions may be the reasons why I can’t feel my right arm right now.

4:27 PM – Just fiddling with my pencil…

5:10 PM – Well, the cute girl who had been staring at me all day apparently has a boyfriend, as he just arrived to pick her up. I still think that she might have a crush on me though.

5:11 PM – One last check for any Facebook wall postings…and…..nope, none.

5:15 PM – Nevermind about that cute girl. She just told me that my face has been covered with cream cheese all day from the bagel that I devoured this morning and she thanked me for providing her with great entertainment for the entire day. On that note, I think I will go hop on the train and go home to play some Madden now. I’m sure I will have a bunch of Facebook wall posts by the time I get home and maybe I can be industrious tomorrow.