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Mixing business with laughter

Published: October 3, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

If you have ever found yourself asking questions such as, “I wonder what the CollegeHumor guys do on the weekends?” or “Are the people who work at CollegeHumor funny all the time?” then you should really go to

Two of the CollegeHumor employees, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, have created a completely hilarious online sketch comedy site featuring themselves as straight and funny men.

In the sketch, Jake, a normal guy, sits across from Amir – a very socially awkward person who has a stalker-like obsession with Jake.

They put up two-to-three minute long episodes on the site every few days. The episodes generally focus on the relationship between the two at the CollegeHumor offices, but episodes have been located all over the country, including California.

Several episodes of the sketch involve a show that Amir is trying to create called “Ace and Jocelyn: Astronaut Accountants from Outer Space.” During these episodes, Amir (Jocelyn) attempts to get Jake (Ace) to play along so he can record this show. 

The show essentially involves either Amir annoying Jake in various ways or Jake messing with Amir (which is a surprisingly easy thing to do).

The show loves to call back to various jokes, like when Jake taught Amir fake slang to see if he would use it (words like “gullies” and “ace”), Amir’s bizarre penguin suit, or Amir asking Jake if they would get “dinner tonight?” Also, Amir quickly says “Jake” a lot, sometimes for no reason at all.

Jake and Amir work across from each other in reality, and decided to create the website after many of their friends and co-workers liked what they had seen. The website has taken off in popularity and is somewhat well known.

The site has also been covered in the media. Besides being covered in more internet-related sites and magazines, Jake and Amir was also mentioned in the July 2008 issues of Cosmopolitan and US Weekly.

Jake and Amir is truly comedic genius. Every episode is funnier than the last and new motifs show up all the time. Also, the character development is fantastic.

Sometimes Jake and Amir switch characters, like in the “Date” episodes where Amir goes out with Jake’s ex which drives Jake to the same point of stalker-ness that Amir usually exhibits.

From the website, there are hyperlinks to Amir and Jake’s real life blogs, which are also incredibly entertaining.

I would easily recommend the sketch to anyone who likes humor. If you like to laugh, you’ll love Jake and Amir. Some good episodes to start with are “Math,” “Proverbs,” and “Phone Call.” Jake and Amir is also an excellent option if you should be studying, but are looking for a distraction.