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Brandeis University's Community Newspaper — Waltham, Mass.

Letters to the editor:

Published: October 3, 2008
Section: Opinions

To the Editor:

Your Sept. 26 article entitled “New club aims to ease Brandeis Waltham tensions” has misinformation that I would like to clarify.

I do not blame Brandeis’ social scene on “the police overstepp[ing] their rights in dealing with students”; the police are doing their jobs by stopping transgressions. Some officers have overstepped their boundaries, which is one of many reasons why students should know their rights.

Secondly, I did say that students have been “wrongfully arrested,” but I never said that the arrests at Pachanga were wrongful; I was in New York at the time and am in no position to make any judgments regarding that night.

Thirdly, Attorney C.L. Lindsay III’s (not Lindsey) scheduled talk at Brandeis on the evening of Tuesday, November 25 is not definite because as explained during the meeting, we must first request funds from the F-Board in order to pay him.

Finally, I was quoted as saying, “I want everyone to be aware of their rights: students, landlords, and neighbors,” and although this is true, the Advocates’ focus is on teaching students their rights, not also landlords and residents.

It would be erroneous to believe that all of the police officers overstepped their boundaries or that they are the cause of the disconcerting social scene at Brandeis.

– Seth Shapiro ‘09

Founder and President of The Advocates