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This is not a personal advertisement

Published: October 31, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

This is not a personal advertisement. I write this disclaimer because what follows may seem as though it is ripped from some sad singles website or the classified section of the Sunday newspaper. I promise that despite what it seems like, this is not a desperate attempt to elicit phone numbers from the opposite sex (although I could see where one could get that from). Thus, I will continue.

The truth of the matter is that I like to think of myself as a pretty cool person. Before I extend to the reader as to why I have narcissistically decided that I am “pretty cool” I will first lay down some facts about myself. It is important to remember that these are all proven facts and not just my vivid imagination building myself up as something I am not (although I could also see where one could get that from). Firstly, I’m a pop culture savvy person. Seriously, if Who Wants to be a Millionaire ever becomes popular again don’t hesitate to call me if you’re having a problem deciphering the name of the actress who now appears on CW’s Privileged, was on a youth talent competition (American Juniors), and will soon be starring in a movie alongside Hillary Duff’s sister Haylie Duff. (Her name is Lucy Hale by the way. Cool how I knew that, right?)

Secondly, when the mood is right, I can bust a mean freestyle rap (forgive the usage of the word mean, that was not cool). Finally, if you’re looking for the more classic cool (think James Dean), of the two fights I’ve had in my life (both of which took place with my own friend), I’m pretty sure that I was the consensus winner in at least one of them.

So I’m at least sort of cool, right? (I’m just going to pretend we agree). So then you can understand why I was so astounded when I realized that my parents are in fact far cooler than I am.

This is also not a personal advertisement for my parents (they are very happy, thank you). The fact of the matter is that when it came to the important things in life (such as what television show one watches) I always thought I had my parents beat. My parents watch three shows consistently. They treat themselves to Lost, Fringe, and Battlestar Galatica. All critically acclaimed shows, however, arguably all middle of the road when it comes to television trendiness. So when my parents informed me that the Tivo had broken and that they were unsure of when they would be able to watch 30 Rock my jaw dropped (as much as it could early in the morning on a Sunday).

For some it would be hard to write a preview for a show they’ve never seen. However, I’ve heard from enough sources (namely members of my family) that 30 Rock is simply a show that demands to be watched. From the few clips I’ve seen as well as the in depth lectures that I’ve received about it, I know that the writing is always spectacularly witty and on point. How could it not be, with Tina Fey as the creator.

This summer I even thought seriously about going to Fey’s film, Baby Mama, for the sole purpose of seeing her in a lead role. I also know that Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer star in the show, both of whom I have thoroughly enjoyed in other roles (McBrayer in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Morgan on Saturday Night Live).

However, the true reason that I now know my parents are trendier than I am when it comes to television is because of their love for Alec Baldwin. Unless I’ve heard wrong, he is their favorite thing about 30 Rock. Baldwin is at his best not when he is the lead, but rather when he plays characters you would never want to be around in real life. Jack Donaghy is exactly that type of a character. He is a pot shot at conservative big wigs who care more about what their cologne smells like than actual people. In other words, Donaghy is the perfect character for Baldwin to play, and as my parents put it, he’s simply “great.”

The fact that my parents have decided to make 30 Rock part of their weekly ritual of television before I have proves that they are far more trendy than I am. There is every indication that this is a show that I will like. I could use the excuse that I’m in college and I don’t have the time to get invested in another television show (but that would just be an excuse). I could say that I have better things to watch during that time (I don’t). 30 Rock premieres October 30 on NBC at 9:30, and because of my parents (I know my Dad is shaking his head right now), I’ll be watching. If you want to be cool, you will be, too.