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Film major passed

Published: November 7, 2008
Section: News

The faculty voted almost unanimously to pass a proposal for a major in Film and Visual Media Studies beginning next academic year at Thursday’s faculty meeting. The proposal passed the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee two weeks ago.

Chair of the Film Studies department Prof. Alice Kelikian (HIST) presented the major to the faculty as a method to “raise our national profile for recruitment” especially in times of economic crisis.

Kelikian explained that “we have the resources at hand to get going immediately.” She added that given the number of actors and directors who will visit Brandeis during the month of November – 16 including Kate Beckinsale – “Brandeis has the best cinematic program in the country.”

Prof. Steven Burg (POL), who serves as chair of a committee on admissions, commented, “this is an addition to the curriculum for which we are ready.” He continued, “admissions staff will be able to very effectively use this to…sell Brandeis [to prospective students].”