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Finding the pieces to your puzzle on the path to career success

Published: November 7, 2008
Section: Opinions

ILLUSTRATION BY Alex Doucette/The Hoot

ILLUSTRATION BY Alex Doucette/The Hoot

When we were young puzzles came in a box. We had a picture of what the puzzle would look like assembled and all of the pieces were inside, waiting. Contemporary puzzles aren’t so simple; we don’t always know what the picture will look like, or where to find the pieces. At this moment you may be putting together the long-term puzzle of what to do this summer, after graduation and beyond. You have the joy and responsibility to reflect on your values, skills and interests, to explore your career ideas through networking, shadowing, internships and work, and to connect your self-knowledge and experiences to future opportunities.

This past summer Zohar Fuller interned at Cornerstone Theater Company in Los Angeles. Cornerstone describes itself as “a multi-ethnic, ensemble-based theater company. Cornerstone builds bridges between and within diverse communities.” This experience, ideal for her Independent Interdisciplinary Major of Theater and Social Change, was not what she expected. As an Assistant Stage Manager, Zohar learned that stage management was not the best match for her. Instead she discovered that she had learned “how to create art that is transformative in a healing and not just entertaining way,” an important piece of her puzzle. When asked how she would advise others regarding internships she wrote, “All I can advise you to do is go in with an inquisitive and all absorbing mind. Ask questions. Experience the most you can.” Zohar plans on returning to Cornerstone Theater Company, or a similar theater company in the future, to explore roles more suited to her skills and interests.

Gal Zilberberg, hoping to learn more about the medical field, interned at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, a facility dedicated to treating residents of all Middle Eastern countries, regardless of race, religion or national origin. As an Education Department intern, Gal’s role changed from week to week. She had hoped to learn how a hospital is managed, if the environment would be a good fit, and how people of different religions could come together in a hospital setting. In this experience Gal reflected that she, “developed skills that will be engraved in me forever,” and “I can also say that I am more comfortable with my decision for my future career.” Zohar’s and Gal’s puzzle pieces are coming together.

As you move through your four years at Brandeis, the Hiatt Career Center can help you throughout each step in your career development process:

• First Years: Reflect, Explore and Connect with your dreams, interests, strengths and goals.

• Sophomores: Reflect, Explore and Connect with majors, alumni, possible career fields, shadowing and internships.

• Juniors: Reflect, Explore and Connect with internships, employer events, alumni, CIC, career and graduate school fairs and your network.

• Seniors: Reflect, Explore and Connect with alumni, employers, graduate and law schools, your network, alternative post-graduate opportunities and your future!

For additional information by class year, please visit Hiatt’s four-year timeline at

Find the pieces to your puzzle and put them together to create a meaningful professional future.

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