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Tales of customer service gone wrong

Published: November 14, 2008
Section: Arts, Etc.

If you are the type of person who is easily distracted from work, or who simply does not need another reason to procrastinate, then please do yourself a favor and read no further.

There were some websites that helped me waste my first 20 or so minutes of work this summer when I thought I deserved a break after making my hour-long commute there every morning. To thank these sites for giving me something to look forward to at 9 a.m. every workday, I wanted to tell you all a bit about them.

The first website is called as in “the customer is not always right.” It consists of countless tales of both triumph and woe in the world of employees. The stories cover all job descriptions like retail, tech support, etc.

Not Always Right has some gems such as “De Ting, De Ting!!” and “Mission: Impossible.” The website is great because everyone can relate to it. Sometimes it’s not even the employees who tell the stories, but rather those who witnessed the situation instead. Some of the tales make you want to rip your hair out, while others reaffirm your belief in mankind.

Not Always Right was partially inspired by another website called Overheard in New York ( which is also very hilarious. It consists of people writing in funny quotes they’d heard other people say, out of context of course.

These quotes cover all sorts of subjects and types of people. You might have a professor discussing his sex life or a pregnant teen discussing Vivaldi. Most of the quotes are very funny and again the “funny because it’s true” idea comes into play. It’s easy to visualize these people saying these things, especially the more ridiculous ones.

My final addition to this list is Fail Blog (, another site which is updated on the regular with tons of pictures and videos of various failings. Many of the pictures are great, but I think it’s the videos that make the site what it is. Look up “Peace Dove Fail” and “Log Fail.” It’s a bit “America’s Funniest Home Videos” sometimes with the slapstick humor, but it’s pretty funny a lot of the time.

Anyway these websites are absolutely fabulous and along with and, you definitely have hours and hours of procrastination ahead of you. I certainly use these whenever I’m in the library or should be doing anything but looking at them.

So give them a look, but don’t blame me if your grades suffer a bit from them. At least you’ll go down laughing.