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One Tall Voice: Everything will be okay!

Published: November 14, 2008
Section: Opinions

While many spent the recent election night in the Shapiro Atrium, or at other victory parties around campus, I enjoyed a unique experience last Tuesday. For I participated in the Brandeis Republican’s election party, and it was one of the most enjoyable evenings of my semester. We drank, we sang. We shouted, and we bonded. The party also got me composing my thoughts about what I thought of our next four years. I know that many people on campus see me as a conspicuous conservative and I wanted to have pre-made remarks for the inevitable inquiries that lay ahead. Many have rubbed it in my face that Obama has won, but some are genuinely interested in my opinions. I write it here, dear reader, so that you may glean my thoughts for yourself and perhaps stop bugging me as I see you around campus or partying on Saturday nights!

My typical response to the questions “What do you think about the election?” is to relate that I stand to benefit from Obama’s victory much more than others. This stems from two main reasons. One is that I am poor. Yep, you got it, all of those talked about entitlement programs and other means of “spreading the wealth” will probably take money away from many a rich college kid’s parents’ pockets and place it into my undeserving hands. I receive a full Pell grant and members of my family are either on, or have been enrolled, in entitlement programs. Without going any further into my own personal circumstances, just trust me when I say that I will unfairly gain financial benefits from Obama’s policy although I don’t deserve any of it. No one has yet explained to me how being poor entitles me to money, I have done nothing of merit to earn it.

Furthermore, if Obama’s policies come into effect, we should be out of Iraq sooner than with a McCain administration. This is well and good for me. I have a passionate desire to join our nation’s military. Perhaps it is because of my patriotism, or perhaps it is my love of living a regimented lifestyle. Regardless, I know that I will at least attempt to join our nation’s armed forces within the next few years. I do not, however, want to go to Iraq. Although I can see much good happening over there, I am a coward, and would rather serve my country in other locations besides the Middle East. I therefore have a better chance of realizing this goal with an Obama administration and thus have benefits to gain from him being elected.

I also wanted to mention that John McCain really inspired me in the last week of his campaign. His tireless resolve and dedication to the end is truly heart-warming. His passionate message and great remarks at each campaign rally that I watched truly moved my spirit. These attributes might be lost whence compared to the superstar status of Barack Obama, but McCain is nevertheless an inspiration and a role model for all patriotic American citizens. I even sent him an email through a form on the McCain website to relate my sentiments and say that I really appreciated all the effort he put into the campaign and the model he set for all Americans to follow. Furthermore, I thought his concession speech was humble, well-delivered, and exceptional. It helped bond our country, and showed this patriot’s loyal dedication to America. I hate how people have called him names and conveyed negative sentiments toward this man during the campaign. He is truly a wonderful public servant who deserves the utmost thanks and gratitude from every American.

After the Democrats won the Congress in 2006, I wrote an article saying that I was an American first, a conservative second and a Republican third. Many liberals have called Bush “your President” and have added to the bifurcated nature of our country. I shall not succumb to this foolishness. I shall always honor the majority of my countrymen and their selection through a time-honored democratic practice. I accept Obama as President and know that he will do a fine job in that office. I know that our country will move forward and meet all the challenges we have ahead. I am not defeated by this election, but know I will benefit, recognize the sacrifice of a noble patriot, and hope that we can move beyond petty differences to face any future obstacles set in the path of America’s success.