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Oh man! I hate college kids!

Published: November 21, 2008
Section: Opinions

COLLEGE CLUBS: The Russian club members lounge during their weekly meeting Thursday night in the SCC.<br /><br /><i>PHOTO BY Max Shay/The Hoot</i>

COLLEGE CLUBS: The Russian club members lounge during their weekly meeting Thursday night in the SCC.

PHOTO BY Max Shay/The Hoot

I don’t really like college kids that much.

College is supposed to be a time for us to grow academically, a time for us to expand our intellects and learn through the educational enterprise. Here we are introduced to great works, given wonderful instruction and provided many opportunities to learn valuable academic lessons. Still, my colleagues seem more concerned with getting drunk or getting laid than with doing their assignments, and seem to cut corners at every available opportunity. Furthermore, college kids are real parasites. Many don’t contribute anything and don’t add one iota to our community. Many suckle at the teat of their parent’s funds or scholarships, as many do nothing independently for themselves. I guess I am just really full of bitterness and rage against my colleagues. I’d like to use this article as a medium to express my sentiments and convey my hatred of many characteristics about certain college-aged peers.

It seems to me, more and more, that college has not become a source of intellectual advancement, but has rather emerged as a time for people entering adult life to participate in all kinds of debauchery.

People talk more about whether a college is a “party school” rather than the award-winning professors that the institution may have. Many individuals skip classes, pull all-nighters and detract from their educational experience in order to drink, get high, or pursue sexual activity. And what’s crazy is that at Brandeis, this phenomenon is not as bad as it is at other universities. Oftentimes people stay in on weekend nights or make other sacrifices for their studies. Still, I look down upon many of my colleagues who seem to think they are spending more than the average person makes in a year to drink and pursue superficial pleasures. This is truly a shortsighted life.

Furthermore, I hate how college kids are real parasites. Many have parents that provide them all kinds of things from fancy computers to expensive iPhones. They go on expensive trips, receive all kinds of gifts and what have they done to deserve it? Nothing. Many of my peers don’t work and don’t add to the community.

They try to fill in this gap with pathetic attempts at activism and other efforts, but if “camp Darfur” and silent protests are a testament, these efforts are futile and superficial indeed. I hate how so many just vegetate and don’t think twice about accepting all manner of gifts and money. I hate the parasitic nature of college kids. Maybe it’s because I have had to buy and earn everything I currently have, but nevertheless, I dislike the dependence of many university students.

Furthermore, I hate how college kids don’t seem that concerned with genuine intellectual advancement. It seems that I am the only person who completes my readings, as my peers would rather use Spark Notes or other forms of abridgement than immerse themselves in great texts. Many people skip classes or discussion sections out of shear laziness or thoughtlessness the evening before. This not only wastes the hard-earned money that has been spent to pay for college, but shows a genuine lack of respect for the information being conveyed. I am also extremely disappointed to report that I have even heard that many students cheat on exams and papers.

This is despicable, as it shows a lack of respect for the educational enterprise and the individual themselves. If you want to cut corners, why are you here? If you want to take the easy way out, why would you attend college in the first place? Get the most of your education, intellectual advancement is almost entirely an individualistic enterprise. If you don’t personally take the initiative, and complete all assignments, you are wasting money and, more valuably, your time.

I guess I am just bitter and angry toward most college kids. I see a bunch of privileged people prancing around, many of whom did not have to work for the position and advantages they now enjoy. I know there are those like me who have had to work hard for everything we have attained, but to see others with so much, not contributing one iota toward achieving their advantages makes me sick.

Many are not concerned with intellectual advancement, but would rather spend the college years focusing on hedonistic pleasures and superficial enjoyments. Furthermore, numerous college kids are parasites, and their futile efforts to prove otherwise are truly ridiculous.

Also, many cut corners and waste the money that their parents have spent to send them to this wonderful institution. My dear reader, you may have worked toward everything you attain and genuinely love to achieve educational growth. But if you’re like most of my peers, get off your ass, get in the classroom and focus on what you should be going to college for in the first place: to attain a great education.