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Special VP elections not held

Published: January 23, 2009
Section: Front Page

The Student Union will not be holding special elections to replace former Union Vice President Adam Hughes ’11.

Hughes resigned as Vice President at Sunday’s Union Senate meeting for “personal reasons” and has withdrawn from the University for the rest of the semester.

Originally Student Union Secretary Tia Chatterjee originally announced that there would be special elections to fill the position, after revisiting the Union constitution, the announcement was later rescinded as a misinterpretation of the Union Constitution, which explicitly says there should be “no mid-term elections of…the vice-president.”

Hughes initially won the Vice Presidency this fall in what would now be considered an unconstitutional special election after then Vice President Michael Kerns ’09 resigned from the post.

In response to the idea that he took office illegally Hughes said “it’s not worth dwelling on.”

Hughes’ vice-presidential Senate duties will now be taken over by Executive Senator Andrew Brooks ’09, who ran against Hughes for the Vice Presidency this fall.

Hughes said he is happy to see his former foe take his place saying he believes Brooks will “do a good job and focus on the important problems facing the university.”

Student Union President Jason Gray said that he is not worried about Brooks’ ability to lead the senate, saying that “Brooks and Hughes worked closely together last semester and are friends now.”

Gray did say that Hughes’ absence will put stress on the rest of the Union’s Executive Board to take up more responsibility, however, he believes the Board is up to the task.

“The show will go on successfully,” he said. “We have enough strong people on the Student Union to take care of everything without a problem.