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LETTER: Fair trade did release poll results

Published: April 1, 2005
Section: Opinions

Contrary to what The Hoot stated in an article in the March 25 edition, the Fair Trade Brigade released the results of the elections poll on switching to all fair trade coffee almost immediately after the poll closed.

Less than two hours after the poll closed, an e-mail went out over the Fair Trade Brigade list announcing the results. Furthermore, had The Hoot contacted any active member of the Fair Trade Brigade, the paper couldve found out the results without incident.

So The Hoots readership is aware, the responses to the statement, I would bewilling to pay an additional $0.20 per cup of coffee if I knew my money was going to support Fair Trade products that provide farmers with a living wage and ensure safe conditions for workers in the developing world were:
Strongly Agree: 850

Agree: 375

Disagree: 107

Strongly Disagree: 161
No Opinion: 85

Contrary to the implication in the March 25 article, the Fair Trade Brigade is ecstatic about sharing these results and eager to effect change as a result of them.

Dan Mauer 06