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Letter to the Editor: Student statement on the Rose

Published: February 13, 2009
Section: Opinions

We, the undersigned, as a community of fine arts students at Brandeis University, would like to communicate our thoughts and concerns surrounding recent events at our beloved institution. As arts students we are deeply invested in the Rose Art Museum and the University’s commitment to the integrity and reputation of the arts at Brandeis. The Rose has been an integral part of our educational experience. On an academic level, many of our classes have utilized the exhibitions and vault to enhance our curriculum. Professionally, the Rose provides internships as well as guide positions, open to the entire student body, to allow students with a professional interest in museums to become involved.

We feel that this decision is detrimental to our academic experience, but also to the integrity and ethics of our university. Of particular concern is the manner in which the decision was made—behind closed doors, without any consultation or discussion with students, faculty, or experts in the field. This makes us fearful of future decisions to be made, which may cause further harm to our students and faculty in other parts of our community. The University’s lack of transparency and their financial shortsightedness leads us to question the legitimacy of this decision as a solution to our very real and difficult crisis.

We have been working diligently to stay informed by establishing open communication with faculty, staff and members of the student body. We want to make clear that if we are to lose this valuable resource, we and future students will continue to have an excellent education because of our dedicated and accomplished faculty. Despite this blow to an invaluable and priceless resource, we hope for a strong re-commitment to the original arts mission of our University.


Yarden Abukasis ‘09

Ashley Amorison ‘11

Shirly Bahar

Alexander Barnett ‘10

Riko B. Bol ‘09

Elana Chernick-Kritz ‘08

Hannah Chalew ‘09

Daevid Chase Devallon ’09

Rachel Cohen ‘09

Eliana Dotan ‘09

Abigail Sarah Drapkin ‘12

Shira Espo ‘08

Mackenzie Gallegos

Danielle Garfinkel ‘09

Ronya Gordon ’09

Ipyani Grant ‘12

Sarah Halpern ‘10

Gabrielle Helfgott ‘09

Marta Kaemmer

Sharon Kim ‘10

Daniele Kohn ‘08

Anna Korkhin ‘10

Stella Liberman ‘09

Elizabeth McDonough ‘09

Kathleen Rees ‘10

Esther Schloss ‘09

Julia Sferlazzo ‘09

Maya Siegel ‘10

Ariella Silverstein-Tapp ‘09

Nichole Speciale ‘09

John Tronsor ‘09

Rebeccah Ulm ’11